2477 - Die Gründermutter
The Founding Mother
Christian Montillon

During the journey of several weeks with Polm Ombar’s ASH AFAGA to the galaxy Altasinth, Kantiran has enough opportunity, to make friends with the thought of the election of the new Patron of the Peace Drivers. His friends also try to convince him to run for the office. Cosmuel Kain and Polm Ombar believe that this is the only possible path, but he still hesitates. On September 5, 1347 NGE the OREON Capsule finally arrives in the Rosella Rosado system. When Kantiran gets a message directed to him from the old Patron shortly before Chyndor’s funeral in which he this calls Kantiran to become a candidate, and he meets the conservative Peace Driver Farigu Scot Elien the single other Guarantor who is going to run for office and which wants to keep out the Peace Drivers from the battle against the Negasphere with an election victory, Kantiran is finally ready to run for the office.

But the hunting instinct has awoken in him, because he believes in feeling the presence of the Founding Mother during Chyndor’s funeral on Ospera. He studies various recordings which were made in the past in the region with the Glass Basilica on Ospera, and notices a cave which appears suspicious to him. Covered for by Polm Ombar, the Examiner, Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain fly with the THEREME II to the chapel moon and examine the cave. Meanwhile the plenary assembly of the Peace Drivers already begins in the Ellega Palace in which big speeches are made - Farigu Scot Elien uses Kantiran’s taboo breaking against him, but Polm Ombar plays another message from Chyndor, who calls for Kantiran as his successor. The election takes place in Kantiran’s absence.

In the cave, Perry Rhodan’s son and the half-Cyno discover the excellently camouflaged station of a transmitter net. The transmitter is still activated and is waiting to be used. The pair uses it and reaches other identically constructed stations. However, the Founding Mother – nobody else could be the user of these stations – is not to be seen. Kantiran examines a transmitter and finds out that one can only reach a certain counterstation if one gives a code-word. He tries out some terms at random and, finally, has success with " LIGHT OF ANCESTOR “. The next transmitter jump brings Kantiran and Cosmuel into a round, eight and a half kilometer wide building, possibly a shipyard or a space station. The transmitter disposes of a system for picture recording which makes possible, at last, a look at the last person to enter the facility before Kantiran and Cosmuel. The two recognize her immediately, because they know all about Perry Rhodan’s adventures during Project Tempus: It is the Prinzipa Kamuko, and she is wearing the Glowlight Armor.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-12-21

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