2476 - Kommando der Friedensfahrer
Peace Drivers Mission
Horst Hoffmann

The Peace Drivers operating in the vicinity of Hangay and trying in vain to find a way through the boundary barrier receive remarkable signals on July 9, 1347 NGE from the Lazaruu star cluster. They start on an unusual joint action for these individualists, but stumble into a trap. In the Lazaruu star cluster, a Column MACHINE has appeared, that irresistibly pulls at the OREON Capsules, that ventured to close to it. These include Kantiranís THEREME and Chyndorís ship the ELLSUNTUR. The capsules are located, and a complete Chaos squadron appears. Because Chyndor is able to make no decision on what to do in this hopeless situation, the command imperceptibly passes more and more to Kantiran. It becomes clear that they will inevitably fall into the hands of TRAITOR. Because the Terminal Column may not be allowed to appropriate itself the knowledge of the Peace Drivers under any circumstance, the Peace Drivers decide on the self-destruction of their ships, in order to have any chance to escape.

Kantiran sends out a cry for help. Then all their OREON capsules are parked on an uninhabited planet. On Ejdu Meliaís suggestion the heavenly world is named N' jabo ("survival" in Ejduís language). The Peace Drivers leave their ships and prepare them to explode in the ocean while the Peace Drivers hide themselves in the jungle where Kantiranís para-gift of instinctive telepathy help them in the battle against the aggressive fauna there. A little later Traitanks emerge and the some are actually destroyed while trying to retrieve the OREON capsules, as they fire on the Traitanks and then explode. But the Peace Drivers cannot breathe a sigh of relief yet. A troop of Awour hunters headed by the Honorable Harazzul penetrates into the jungle and eventually tracks down the Peace Drivers by the shore after a while. Harazzul requests Kantiran to surrender, but is answered by a ray shot - it comes to a battle, with which Chyndor is killed. Yet Harazzul and the other Awours also fall, when Perry Rhodan save the remaining Peace Drivers.

Perry Rhodan had arrived with the ARCHETIM Mission Squadron at Cala Impex on the tenth of July. There they received Kantiranís cry for help. Rhodan headed out immediately with the three ultra battle ships. CHEOS-TAIíS existence may not become known, but the LAW Giver nevertheless could be used to lure the Column MACHINE out of Lazaruu. After the giant headed away, the ultra battle ships destroyed or chased off the Traitanks remaining above Níjabo and retrieved the Peace Drivers.

Now a new Patron must be found, and moreover the decision must be made on what the organization of the Peace Drivers should do next. Polm Ombar expresses himself against a direct participation in the battles in and around Hangay. Kantiran holds the opposite opinion and convenes a Peace Driver plenary assembly in the Rosella Rosado system to answer these questions. The Peace Drivers head there with Chyndorís body, which is to also be buried there.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-12-15

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