2474 - Zwei Psi-Emitter
Two Psi-Emitters
Hubert Haensel

Traitank 1,199,188 lands on the CRULT, but it is still not possible for the crew to leave the ship. Roi Danton must wait for news from Zerberoff. The Dual Captain must deal first with the consequences of the murder of Malikadi. To arouse no suspicion, he himself orders investigations (among other things by the Awours) which end up becoming dangerous for him. It is his luck that Malikadi was unpopular in the whole Service Castle and even regarded as a danger because of his excessive ambition. Zerberoff uses the investigations to personally examine some Traitanks. One of the ships is naturally the DARK GHOUL. In this way it is possible for him to inform the Terrans about the current developments and get them accommodations in the Service Castle which are immediately used.

Now Zerberoff is initiated into Roi Danton’s plans. The Terran plans to ignite two Psi-emitters. The first one will produce a field slowly spreading out psionic energy about the whole Service Castle, virtually paralyzing Antakur von Bitvelt and should cause great confusion in the CRULT. The second one will deliver the compressed energy stored in it in the form of a shock front which should be sufficient, according to the opinion of the Nucleus, to kill the Progress Keeper. The wave emitter must be lit near the victim, because it has no great range. The Dark Investigator rebels are to enable Danton to approach the target as closely as possible. He must ignite the wave emitter with a mental impulse. But the risk exists that he himself will be killed by it, although the energy is calibrated for the most part on Antakur von Bitvelt. Danton hopes that his cell activator will help him survive the mission.

Danton, Senego Trainz, Rinka Porol and Khiz Turagga visit the Dark District. Inside already wait some rebels of the Dark Investigators, among them G'schogun. Now in view of the Psi-emitters presented by Danton, the Quantum of the Darkness also believes in a possible success of the planned assassination attempt and guarantees his support. Before Danton can move the first part of the plan into the act, the annoying Awours must be removed. Zerberoff who has just tried in vain to reach the Progress Keeper takes care of the problem for good with the help of some micro-Beasts. Then, at last, Danton can light the first Psionic field emitter. When the field reaches the anthracite sphere, an image of the Progress Keeper appears about the silver tower which grows to immense size, filling the CRULT, before it vanishes again with a tortured mental cry.

On Terra a decision of a different kind is approaching: Marc London fears losing Fawn Suzuke for good, because the Nucleus will soon leave for Hangay. He would gladly rise himself into the Nucleus to be united forever with Fawn, but this is impossible. Fawn’s love for Marc is so great that she would be willing to integrate her consciousness into the BATTERY which will stay behind on Terra. However, she would have to give up her corporeality and would die anyway, as soon as the BATTERY has used up its energy. Marc declines her offer, because existence as a pure consciousness would be like captivity for Fawn, and nobody knows, how soon the BATTERY will have consumed its psionic load anyway. Instead, he tells her to go with the Nucleus, for it is still possible that it will survive the Hangy mission. She replies that even if it does, it will not return to Earth, but continue on to ES’ distant place...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-12-01

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