2473 - Verrat auf CRULT
Betrayal on CRULT
Leo Lukas

Reginald Bull and Fran Imith visit the Nucleus, which has meanwhile evaluated the information about the Retroversion delivered by Perry Rhodan. The Nucleus explains, that he is capable and willing to help with the Retroversion in the same way as ARCHETIM did. He will restore the Psionic Net at the Negasphere, but this will mean his death. When Reginald Bull expresses himself against it, the Nucleus states, that ES had initiated this plan. Some days later, the Nucleus produces an offshoot of himself. This BATTERY will stay behind on Terra and support the Globists with the stabilization of the TERRANOVA Screen.

Antakur von Bitvelt has given the order to gather all dispensable forces for the defense of CRULT, because the unknown psionic attack (by the Nucleus) disturbs him very much. Zerberoff is one of the six Duals which are detached to CRULT.

In his baggage, Zerberoff brings ten micro-Beasts who belong to Roi Danton’s command. He is supposed to take over command of the External Control Center, which coordinates the ship movements around CRULT. However, as his "assistant" they have assigned him Malikadi, who wants to prove Zerberoff’s incompetence and thereby distinguish himself by it.

Because Malikadi and his henchmen keep an eye on Zerberoff constantly, he cannot simply order the DARK GHOUL to CRULT, because it is considered as a missing ship. Time becomes brief, so Zerberoff reaches to his last means: He offers Malikadi the opportunity to discredit him with an intrigue. If Malikadi is then able to be isolated, he is to be pulled to the Galactics side with the Atrentus procedure. The plan succeeds.

Malikadi is still unsure what he should do now, because he has the choice to serve TRAITOR or to take revenge on it. Nevertheless, he authorizes the flight of a special Traitank for Zerberoff without finding out the background for it.

Later he hides in an abandoned observatory, to be able to finally think in peace. He comes to the conclusion that it would be completely senseless to kill Antakur von Bitvelt, because TRAITOR would not be damaged with it. Besides, he would be still subordinate to Zerberoff, even if he joins the Galactics. Therefore, he decides to betray Zerberoff to the Progress Keeper or the Terminal Heralds (whomever he is able to reach first). However, without conclusive reason the administrator on duty does not want to put him through to anyone at all. Even when Malikadi says that he has information about the approaching attack, it still takes a while, before he can speak to a Terminal Herald. However, in the meanwhile the micro-Beasts have found him again. Malikadi is just about to speak when he is shot. The micro-Beasts remove all traces of their attack, but have no time to destroy the corpse.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-11-20

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