2472 - TRAICOON 0096
Michael Marcus Thurner

Roi Danton has little time to prepare for the crucial blow against CRULT, because the Nucleus, which he needs for the distraction Antakur von Bitvelt will leave for Hangay in three months. Danton’s plan intends that the Nucleus will still strengthen his mental influencing of the Progress Keeper, so that he is impelled to call Dual Captains to himself for his own security. Danton wants to use the Atrentus method to free one of them from his Claws of the Laboraten, to then use him as an agent who will ignite two Psi-emitters in CRULT. These are intended to increase the disconcertion of the Progress Keeper farther. On July 16, 1347 NGE his team of the DARK GHOUL finds a suitable candidate. According to captured Column radio messages Zerberoff is in the Column Fort TRAICOON 0096 by the planet Woodlark, completely near the Sol system. Using the identification of a recently attacked Traitank, the DARK GHOUL approaches the Column Fort and can immediately dock for repair purposes. Some micro-Beasts immediately get down to exploring the Fort and find a secret path to Zerberoff’s accommodation.

The Terrans still do not anticipate that their mission has a double explosive effect, because Zerberoff has the order to decide on the destiny of the Sol system, and in view of the increasing threat by the Terrans he has come to the conclusion that the attempts to cabinetize Terra, are not worthwhile any more. Besides, the crew of the Column Fort has found not only indications to the existence of the BACKDOOR-Transmitter route, but has even located the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI. Zerberoff’s already prepared a recommendation for the destruction of the Sol system, but has not sent it off yet. Certainly, the camouflage of the DARK GHOUL blows up, but Zerberoff believes older (also faked) information according to which Traitank 1,199,188 is on its way by direct order of the Progress Keeper. Therefore, in his fear to fail before Antakur von Bitvelt Zerberoff undertakes nothing.

Meanwhile the micro-Beasts accomplish their goal. Rinka Porol, a micro-Beast who considers itself a female after conversations with the feminist Lipica Atabinmek and who had overcome the difficulty of her dyslexia, is part of the group. The micro-Beasts overpower Zerberoff, then Terran mission forces follow and neutralize the Claws of the Laboraten of the dual being. Now by access to his personal data archives they also get to know all that he does. Once during the treatment, which continues longer than expected, Roi Danton must appear personally - naturally in a Zerberoff body mask - in the main headquarters of the Fort with Kalbaron Awoko to prevent that the information about the detection of CHEO-TAI is transmitted. When Awoko becomes suspicious and visits Zerberoff’s accommodation, the Dual Captain has already won back his free will. From hate for TRAITOR in general and against Antakur von Bitvelt in particular he positions himself on the side of the Terrans, punishes Awoko with the endogenous torture and declares himself ready to take part in Roi Danton’s plan.

Zerberoff stays behind in the Fort with some of the micro-Beasts when the DARK GHOUL flies off. As a farewell present the Dual Captain has three thousand micro-Beast battle suits brought to the Traitank. Then he delivers his final report on the situation with the Sol system. He recommends a reduction of the siege troops there and discounts the sensor readings involving the BACKDOOR system and the CHEO-TAI..

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-11-09

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