2470 - Finsternis über Terra
Darkness Over Terra
Horst Hoffmann

In the Sol system they are awaiting the arrival of a Dark Investigator. This event is not held secret; actually the media blow it up and ensure that fear reaches out around itself - many people believe that they have been betrayed to TRAITOR by the immortals and that the Dark Investigator will destroy Terra. Although none of that occurs on June 20, 1347 NGE when G'schogun is channeled through the TERRANOVA Screen via MOTRANS-OC1, he does not react to any radio calls and some panic even breaks out in the Sol system. G'schogun stays only shortly over Isla Bartolomé, then he visits different historic places on Terra. Reginald Bull has to accept that he has no possibility to stop the Dark Investigator. Because his intentions remain unknown, an insecure feeling now spreads itself in the ranks of the leadership.

In Terrania G'schogun kidnaps the widower Tenpole Opera, as well as his children Corsair, Anulyn and Arnie. The family has been a wreck since the death of the mother; there is only quarreling and even hate between the father and the children. The four are forced to wander through the bizarre, inexplicable inside of the Source Clipper and they are separated from each other. In the danger they reconsider their solidarity and try to help each other. With it they pass a test to which G'schogun has submitted them. The Quantum of the Darkness wanted to know whether one can rely on the Terrans, and the four humans have proven this to him. Now the Dark Investigator heads for Isla Bartolomé again. G'schogun leaves the Source Clipper and speaks, at last, to the Nucleus.

A pact is concluded. Some Investigator rebels want to proceed to CRULT and hold themselves ready there. They will intervene, as soon as the Nucleus fulfills his part of the agreement and sends a Terran task force to the CRULT, which should attack Antakur von Bitvelt. G'schogun does not set a deadline for the Terrans; they can take their time for the preparations. The Dark Investigator also dismisses the Opera family and disappears from the Sol system where peace soon comes again. Reginald Bull plans to speak to the Operas about their experiences in the Source Clipper.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-10-23

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