247 - Der Herr der Androiden
The Master Of The Androids
H.G. Ewers


Tenebria is under the commandment of Saar-Lun, a Modul. The Moduls were once one of the humanoid races of Andromeda, but they were enslaved by the Masters of the Island. Saar-Lun has a specific skill that allows him to turn energy into matter. The Masters of the Island force him to use his power to give life to the androids, created on Tenebria out of pieces of protoplasm taken on Margin. Saar-Lun hates the Masters of the Islands, but he is perduaded that if he rebels, the Masters will exterminate his whole race. So, he fights against the Terrans until Rhodan proves him that the Masters of the Island have already exterminated his race, and that he is the last of them. Saar-Lun surrenders and joins the Terrans. He stops producing the androids and the suicide raids stop.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Baar Lun excites his androids against the inferred spies of the "Masters of the Island". When the situation becomes hopeless, Lieutenant Finch Eyseman falls under the influence of an illusion crystal. He dreams about the past of Celadon 7 (Greenish 7). He meets Baar of the clan of the Luns who tells him that the masters of Andromeda deported the Moduls and that the oxygen world has been transformed into a poisoned world.

Pucky, who follows the five Terrans onto the obscure planet baptized Modul (Ténébria), understands what is happening. He tries to explain to Baar Lun that he is deceived by the "Masters of the Island" and that his people have been extinct for a long time. The Modul only believes him after he has been confronted by Loor Tan, the only Gleamor to have survived the destruction of Siren. Baar Lun lets the Terrans occupy Modul (Ténébria) and swears to take vengeance on the "Masters of the Island".

The ancient Modul (he is six hundred years old) states that his people once lived on the Planet of the First Exile (now known as Greenish 7). Due to their fear of the illusion crystals developed by the Moduls to make up for their aggressiveness, the "Masters of the Island" deported a part of the Moduls onto Gleam, the World of Songs. However, the largest part the Moduls was brought onto the dark world Modul (Ténébria). Baar Lun declares to the Terrans that the spheres of energy were the last weapons of the "Masters of the Island" in Andro-Beta and that the small galaxy is now in their hands.

Michael P. Mahoney

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