2469 - Das Paramorphische Feld
The Paramorphic Field
Uwe Anton

Roi Danton goes in the lightless room of the NEQETIRIS. He assumes rightfully that the Quantum of the Darkness (there are actually several), hidden there, belongs to the rebels in the ranks of the Dark Investigators. The being exposes Danton’s masquerade, but speaks more or less in a friendly tone with him. Its name is G' schogun and its Soul Clipper, named Quudarion, has been brought by one of the other Dark Investigators, which have encircled the DARK GHOUL. G' schogun reports that the state ships of the Tarnii KOLTOROC have served the rebels for a long time as a secret meeting place - a perfect hiding place, since the insectoids cannot notice anything but themselves. A Quantum of the Darkness must always remain on board, in order to inform the others by a psionic signal when the ships change location. G' schogun expresses the assumption that the Tarnii are the descendants of the race that KOLTOROC developed into a superintelligence from and will keep alive for sentimental reasons. KOLTOROC also set up the Paramorphic field, an influence, which wraps all the state ships to ensure that the Tarnii constantly fight each other, so that they do not degenerate.

While Roi Danton converses with the Quantum of the Darkness, the micro-Beasts discover a sealed off area, in which beings work, which resemble the Tarnii KOLTOROC, but contrary to these act completely independently. It turns out that there is nothing material about them: The area accommodates a kind of hologram diorama. Reskes Skibalf, a competitor of Senego Trainz, tries to touch one of the hologram beings. An alarm is promptly released, combat robots appear and attack the micro-Beasts, and the state ships activate a sealed condition. G' schogun notices that a psionic distress signal is being sent – whose addressee is KOLTOROC! The Dark Investigators succeed in suppressing the signal but the transmitter must be destroyed. Danton calls for a thousand micro-Beasts from his Traitank, and they succeed in doing so. The situation is swiftly cleared up, but there are some injuries and the Dark Investigators now feel compelled to give up their secret meeting place.

Those are not good conditions for further negotiations, but Roi Danton has an ” immoral offer “ to make to the Dark Investigators. He would like to make a pact with them in the fight against CRULT and invite G'schogun to the Sol system to speak to the Nucleus. The Dark Investigators only become interested in this offer, when Roi Danton tells them that the Terrans are supported by a developing superintelligence, and that the Nucleus has succeeded in masking Roi Danton (and/or Dantyren) from the mental perception of the Progress Keeper. This makes the Dark Investigators believe in a possible success and consent to speak with the Nucleus. G' schogun will take the Quudarion to the Sol system via the MOTRANS-OC1.

Danton, however, keeps himself a backdoor open. He wants to first talk with Reginald Bull and Homer G. Adams. If they should be against his plan, it would still be possible to move the BACKDOOR transmitter platform to another location. Thus he takes the wind from the sails of his critics. Before the DARK GHOUL makes itself on the way back to the Sol system, Danton has the micro-Beasts steal some thousand fertilized eggs of the Tarnii KOLTOROC, because if these beings are so important to the Chaopressor, it would be good to keep all the options open.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-10-16

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