2468 - KOLTOROCS Kinder
Uwe Anton

After an intermediate stop in the Solsystem, where the realizations won in the hundred-sun world were passed on to the peace drivers, Traitank is 1.199.188 - the DARK GHOUL - within the center range of the Milky Way on the way. Roi Dantons a goal is it to switch the service castle off CRULT stationed here. It has however still no idea, as it is to achieve this goal illusory in the reason. Then one observes, how approximately 100,000 Traitanks and some column Forts block a space sector, which is valid according to caught column radiograms immediately as taboo. The Terraner makes itself natural immediately on the way there. At the goal arrived, the DARK GHOUL and one is ignored of Senego Trainz befehligte dark cap, which is out-sent to the investigation, completely. Are only three spaceships here, which remind high Christmas trees of 3880 meters. They are partly into one another wedged and afflicted with removing Strangeness, must not have come thus before too long time from another universe. Millions must be of organisms on board, but these react on no radio call.

The DARK GHOUL docks. With absolutely no problem a troop led by Roi Danton in the Dantyren body mask penetrates into one of the ships. The inside is filled with innumerable tunnels and chambers made of vegetable fibers. Intelligent insectoids live there, which are in radio communication with everyone else in their ship. As soon as their unusual symbolic code is decoded, Danton and its people learn more: The insectoids are called Tarnii KOLTOROC, which one could translate as KOLTOROC’S children or wards. They are interested only in their respective swarm and do not even know that there is a TRAITOR or a world outside of their ships. An individual Tarnii is nothing, the swarm is everything, and only the collective swarm intelligence as well as instructions from their queens, which they receive over implanted radios, make it possible for the Tarnii to keep functional and steer their spaceships. The names of the ships as well as their swarms are EVERPONAH, NEQETIRIS and TAPIANUTH. Those swarms constantly battle each other during the resting periods between the journeys of the swarm ships, sending special assassins to kill the pairs of kings and queens of the other swarms. Thus evolutionary pressure is artificially simulated, which would otherwise be absent because of the lack of outside enemies. Such an assassination attempt was just committed in the NEQETIRIS, but the associated chaos is not the only reason the Terrans can look around unhindered; the Tarnii simply do not take any notice of them.

For several days long the Terrans examine the living conditions of the Tarniis. Roi Danton meets Tybris Rokok, the assassin, who had killed the queen and king of the NEQETIRIS and is now taking over the role of the husband of the new queen from his own people. He notices Roi Danton, which is possibly because of his special assassin abilities. He readily tells his story to the Terran, who he regards as an unreal creature from the” lightless area “. Rhodan’s son is alarmed, when he understands that Rokok must have met a Quantum of the Darkness in this lightless area and when he learns that radio communication to the DARK GHOUL was interrupted. Meanwhile six Dark Investigators materialize in the proximity of the state ships. One of them seems to be piggybacking another...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-10-09

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