2467 - Mentale Revision
Mental Revision
Christian Montillon

Taffanaro was beaten half dead by Inkh Selexon. He survives only because he was found by his comrade Salihcar and brought back to health in a medical station. He makes this station the headquarters of a quickly growing resistance movement. Not only he, meanwhile, but also most of the other Heromets have understood that something is wrong with the Tibirian Melechs, and that they are no longer acting in the interests of the Cosmocrats. When a Heromet announces that he has Perry Rhodan, Taffanaro struggles to admit to himself that he knows now he should have done something much earlier already: He takes up contact with the intruder. The situation is critical at first, but relaxes quickly when Taffanaro perceives Rhodan’s Knight aura. This meeting is observed by Limbox, but he interprets it incorrectly: He believes that Rhodan has been captured by the Heromets. When Mondra Diamond and Vizquegatomi try to free him, Rhodan is certainly impressed by the forceful appearance of his companion, but he must prevent her from starting a battle. A treaty is agreed upon and Rhodan begins to plan to recapture the CHEOS-TAI. When it is over, Rhodan will have command over the LAW-Giver and the Heromets will continue to serve as Servos on board. They want to help out in the battle against the Negasphere of Hangay. But the CHEOS-TAI must be returned to the Cosmocrats after the Retroversion, which Rhodna of course has no problem with.

Meanwhile Inkh Selexon forces several groups of the Vakanete to look for a solution for the conversion compulsion of the Tibirian Melechs. The geneticists from the Vakacool system find out that this compulsion is connected to a Para-gift of the Tibirian Melechs, but they do not recognize the type of this ability. When Inkh Selexon suffers a particularly strong attack, the mental protective wall which has up to now blocked his memories falls. Now he knows again that the Thermodyne engineer Eregitha Math Gaum had introduced the mental revision on order of the Cosmocrats and not on his own decision. A more efficient organizational structure was to be created by this measure in the CHEOS-TAI. Then Inkh Selexon also gets the message about the presence of Perry Rhodan. Perry demands the surrender of the fictitious prosecutors. The Heromets no longer react to Inkh Selexon’s orders – any collaborators have been “put on ice” in the meantime.

Together the Galactics and the Heromets start to storm the main control room of the LAW-Giver, where all the Tibirian Melechs have entrenched themselves. It possibly lies with this stressful situation, that all the Tibirian Melechs simultaneously are hit by the conversion compulsion. This time none of them succeeds in consciously stopping the process. Now Inkh Selexon recognizes what the purpose of the metamorphosis is: A single one of them (here it is just the particularly brutal Kalitt Lindbak) is changed into a Thermodyne engineer. However, he dies immediately. Inkh Selexon is the last to die, but has one last thrust of memory that returns first. Now he again knows, why the mental revision was really introduced. It was the intention of the Cosmocrats to replace the natural birthing of a Thermodyne engineer by more efficient in vitro breeding. When Perry Rhodan finally penetrates the control room, he finds no resistance. He stands in the truest sense of the term before a mountain of corpses.

The JULES VERNE is brought back into the LAW-Giver and the journey back to the Milky Way goes on...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-10-01

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