2466 - Galaxis der Antikrieger
Galaxy of the Anti-warriors
Michael Marcus Thurner

In the absence of anything else to do, the crew of the JULES VERNE concerns itself, to the great joy of the Chief technician Istorico, in all peace and detail with repair work, and above all with the investigation of the repairs and replacements made by the Meta-runners. Through intensive practice tests Istorico finds out that the efficiency of the protection screens was enormously increased and the life span of the hypercrystals was improved. All this gives the ship a clearly higher range of travel. Differently expressed: The JULES VERNE can now reach the approximately forty-four million lightyears distant Milky Way under its own power. The joy of the crew about this information is hardly clouded by the fact that the flight would take forty-four years at maximum speed.

Unnoticed by the Galactics, one Meta-runner is still working on board. It is the involuntary stowaway Pan Greystat, a technician, who is blessed with slow comprehension, less talent compared to the rest of his people, an infinite naivety and an exaggerated sense of obedience. He received the rank of a Meta-runner only due to his above average structural runner abilities. During the departure of the JULES VERNE, he was so absorbed in his work that he did not notice the launch and got stuck on board. He decided to simply continue his work and stole spare parts of the type AKR-12a from the stocks of the barbell ship to do his work, which would earn him the right to a new tattooing. He is finally discovered, because the shortfalls become noticed in the warehouse.

Istorico assigns Ekatus Atimoss the investigation of the affair. Behind the Parapol-veil the Dual observes the Meta-runner and trails him to his hideout. He succeeds in winning the confidence of the small being. Pan Greystat is more than impressed by the friendliness, with which the Galactics - in particular the former Knight of the Depth deeply admired by him - accepts him. He proudly presents them the result of his work: He has finished a Tentonic crystal donator. The Galactics learn its purpose when Pan Greystat inserts a burnt out piece of Salkrit into it – and when the machine is done processing it, the hypercrystal has regained ninety-six percent of its power!

The JULES VERNE catches radiograms from the approximately three thousand lightyears distant galaxy Asdoran, which is called Barmand Sternborn by its natives. The Galactics learn that the CHEOS TAI has taken over control of the Vakacool system by force of arms. Perry Rhodan contacts the Anti-Warrior-Union, which controls the small galaxy. Tavocky U Arakay, the acting Secretary of State of the federation, is ready to accept a personal discussion. He considers Rhodan insane, when the Resident offers to take back control of the CHEOS TAI with a small mission troop, but he brings the group to the scene of the action. Ekatus Atimoss insists on the fact that his new friend, Pan Greystat, be part of the party with him. The new masters of the CHEOS-TAI clearly do not have the LAW-Giver completely under their control yet, because the mission team (to which Gucky, Icho Tolot and some Laosoors also belong) succeeds in entering the enormous ship. But there is soon stopped by locked hatches - the troop cannot penetrate further, because all the walls consist of Carit and are therefore impassable for the Teleporters. Howeverm Pan Greystat, who suffers from the radiant emissions of the Ultimate material, recognizes weak points, at which only little Carit is present. He penetrates it with great effort and opens the hatch from the inside. Unfortunately, forcing himself through the Carit impregnated hatch fatally injures him, because a part of his body substance literally remains hanging in the walls. Before his death he receives a new tattoo for this heroic act from his friend the Dual.

A Heromet, who manages to escape, discovers the Galactics. Thus the presence of the intruders is no longer a secret…

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-09-25

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