2465 - Nach der Stasis
After the Stasis
Hubert Haensel

After the JULES VERNE is shoved off the CHEOS-TAI before they can get back on board, Mondra Diamond’s seven-headed mission team hides itself to a large extent unnoticed in the CHEOS-TAI. By observation and eavesdropping on radio communications, Mondra makes herself a picture of the current events in the LAW-Giver.

Only three hundred twenty-one Tibirian Melech survived the awakening process instigated by the Heromets. The fictitious prosecutors suffer from a kind of transformation compulsion: Their bodies begin to react in sudden thrusts as if they want to take on a completely different form than normal. Whoever does not succeed in stopping this process by an effort of will practically explodes or dissolves into protoplasm. The Tibirian Melechs cannot fulfill the hopes held by the Heromets in them, because they also have only little idea of how a LAW-Giver is operated and controlled. In addition, like the Heromets, they were submitted in the course of restructuring measures to a mental revision and can only remember fragments of their past. Only a Thermodyne engineer would be able to return things to normal conditions. The Tibirian Melech Inkh Selexon is recognized by CHEOS-TAI as authorized to give commands and he introduces the measures, which lead to driving the JULES VERNE out of the LAW-Giver. He discovers the recordings of Thermodyne engineer Eregitha Math Gaum, who implemented the Cosmocrats’ instructions at that time for the restructuring of the LAW-Giver and put all the Tibirian Melechs into deep sleep. Selexon comes at the conclusion that he and his people, as well as the Heromets, were simply forgotten after the mental revision and putting into stasis.

Due to this bitter realization, or possibly the affects of the mutations occurring in their bodies, the Tibirian Melechs decide to use the LAW-Giver for their own purposes. The enormous ship reaches the small galaxy Barmand Sternborn, in which there is an organization, which is called Anti-warrior-union, as well as some smaller power blocs. Selexon selects the Vakacool system as their first goal, because there are supposed to be particularly capable geneticists found there. Their assistance is urgently needed, because ever more Tibirian Melechs are being subjected to the transformation compulsion, which leads even to the fact that other Tibirian Melechs present when one begins to change get “dragged along” and begin to also change. Meanwhile the Heromet Taffanaro discovers a stasis chamber, in which Eregitha Math Gaum rests. On his own authority Taffanaro begins the awakening procedure - he would like to conceal this to the Tibirian Melech, since he does not trust them any longer and is sick of the fact that the fictitious prosecutors treat the Heromets like annoying pests. However, Taffanaro’s deputy Kafarain betrays what Taffanaro is doing to Selexon, because he does not believe Taffanaro has the right to override the Tibirian Melech’s authority. When Selexon learns of Taffanaro is doing, he personally strangles the reviving Thermodyne engineer to death and then goes back to the steering headquarters to await their arrival at Vakacool...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-09-18

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