2464 - Das Archaische Programm
The Archaic Program
Arndt Ellmer

The Galactics use the duration of the flight to the Milky, estimated to be two months, in order to explore both the LAW-Giver and changes made by the Meta-runners in the JULES VERNE. While still more new energy taps are discovered on the barbell ship, by which the original performance is doubled, Curcaryen Varantir makes fewer advances with the attempt to manually steer the CHEOS TAI. The LAW-Giver accepts only Perry Rhodan’s instructions. Rhodan follows the suggestion to repeal the entire command hierarchy of the ship, but all this accomplishes is that CHEOS TAI behaves still more self-willed than before. In addition gold colored robots, which remind one of reptiles, suddenly appear everywhere but do nothing at first. Mondra Diamond’s investigation team discovers areas meanwhile, in which Strangeness prevails, as well as several still functional biotopes and containers in which hundreds of organisms are held in deep sleep. Obviously not the entire crew died during the chaos of the Retroversion of Tare Scharm. However all these beings disintegrate to dust, as soon as one tries to arouse them.

Curcaryen Varantir is soon at the end of his anyway limited patience and requests servo support from the computer system. The CHEOS TAI surprisingly confirms this instruction from him, but at first nothing at all happens – or so the Algorrian thinks. In fact, approximately one thousand three hundred Heromets awake from their twenty-nine million year stasis condition. These faintly beaver like beings fulfill various tasks of support in CHEOS TAI, i.e. they are” Servos “. Their head, Taffanaro, observes the intruders distrustfully. He decides not to work for them at first and to arouse the Tibirian Melechs, in order to set the so-called ‘fictitious prosecutors’ on the strangers. The Tibirian Melechs have the task of examining the convictions of each being that is on CHEOS TAI, to insure it works on behalf of the forces of Order. All this happens in secret - the Galactics do not suspect anything of these events are going on.

Apparently the Tibirian Melechs come to the conclusion that the Galactics are to be classified as enemies, because the golden combat robots suddenly open fire without any warning. Fortunately all the investigation teams are accompanied by Laosoors, so that the groups can be quickly evacuated to the JULES VERNE. Only Mondra Diamond’s team, to which the Lasoor Pothawk belongs, does not manage to get back in time. They arrive at the hangar in which it was parked just in time to see how the barbell ship is hurled by tractor beams from the hangar. Perry Rhodan can do nothing more for his part, because CHEOS TAI ignores all his instructions. The LAW-Giver begins to accelerate and leaves the JULES VERNE behind - still forty-four million light-years away from the Milky Way removes.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-09-10

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