2463 - Isokrain der Kosmitter
Isokrain the Cosmitter
Uwe Anton

Ronald Tekener has a bit of fun not telling Atlan everything about the identity of his ”catch“ and his meeting with Perry Rhodan twenty million years ago. The surprise of the Arkonide is enormous, when he learns about this from the World Sage. Since the jellyfish being recognizes a former Knight of the Depth in Atlan, he shows respect towards him. He accepts Atlan’s explanation for preventing his suicide and is far more communicative than he had been with the Solaners. He informs them now about all he knows about the Negasphere, the Negane city, GLOIN TRAITOR and the true intentions of the Chaotarchs. Thus the Solaners now also know the only way to start a Retroversion. Already during the discussion Atlan makes a certain observation. SENECA’S recordings reveal that ESCHER’S avatars Merlin Myhr and Pal Astuin manifested themselves in the World Sage’s sphere, and that there must be yet another being in there which is unaccounted for. Atlan fears that the World Sage might consider ESCHER’S uninvited visit as an attack and confronts the Parapositronic. During this, he notices that Laurence Savoire has obviously changed sides and is no longer trustworthy.

ESCHER announces again, that its only purpose of existence is to at least perforate the Hangay border dams in order to make it for Perry Rhodan to lead a fleet into the Proto-Negasphere. It believes to be able to achieve this goal with the help of World Sage. As it seems, ESCHER has already been able to make a deal with the World Sage. Atlan figures out the plan: If the World Sage can succeed in returning to TRAITOR, then the only logical reaction would consist of bringing it to security - and the safest place in Hangay is now behind the bulkheaded center region. It remains unclear at first, how ESCHER intends to tag along on this journey. Atlan recognizes that this approach would be however the only possibility to get into the proximity of the primary attack target, GLOIN TRAITOR. He is ready to do without ESCHER and let it go. Negotiations begin, in which the avatar of the fourth being in the sphere takes part. This is Isokrain, a being from the insectoid people of the Insk Karew, who approximately three million years ago joined the Brother State of the Cosmitters. This organization had voluntarily carried out scouting services for the Mighty, as well as the Knights of the Depth at that time. The organization no longer exists.

Approximately two million years ago Isokrain had tried to explore the Negane City, but been discovered, outwitted and captured. After uncounted years of an artificially maintained coma, torture and humiliation by the Assomga in the Negane Dungeon and a lengthy period of recovering his memories, Isokrain succeeded in freeing himself by means of nano-columns that could reproduce themselves and infiltrate computer systems. During his escape he came upon the World Sage becomes a symbiosis partner with him - exactly the same, as the World Sage had wanted to force Perry Rhodan to do nearly twenty million years earlier, but this time it is voluntary on both sides. The goal of the two consists from then on of trying to get their physical bodies killed so they can escape from TRAITOR as an intellectualized higher entity. A diversionary maneuver of the Chaotarchs against the forces of Order offered the opportunity for this. A part of the Negane City (in which the World Sage was kept) was to be sacrificed in a Proto-Negasphere, in order to divert the Cosmocrats from the genuine and/or complete Negane City, which was at work in another developing Negasphere. In a projection body Isokrain now begins to sabotage the accommodation. The plan was working, as the World Sage’s section of the accommodation tried to escape from the forces of Order into another universe - ours. But shortly before the accommodation’s explosion, the SOL showed up and saved the World Sage against its will. In his contact with ESCHER Isokrain came to the decision that it was necessary to hold off the desire for death and convinces the World Sage to ally with the Para-positronic to fight against the Negasphere.

Since ESCHER cannot be transferred into the World Sage’s sphere, a reproduction of the separated support tract of the sphere is designed and then built from the remainders of the conquered TRAI Servicer’s supplies and flanged onto the sphere. ESCHER is hidden inside the tract, along with Savoire who insists on accompanying ESCHER. Everyone is clear that this mission is a suicide command, from which there is no return. On May 3, 1347 NGE, the SOL heads out. Atlan, who prepares take back command of the SOL for himself, risks destruction by superior enemy formations, which are supported by a Column MACHINE, in order to trick TRAITOR into retrieving the World Sage. The plan works, the SOL barely escaping destruction or capture. The World Sage and ESCHER are now on their way to the Hangay core dam, and Savoire has sufficient opportunity to think about and regret his resolution to join them...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-09-02

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