2462 - Der Fund von Amienolc
The Find from Amienolc
Leo Lukas

It is shortly before the transfer: The being, WirHier, which can create itself as it needs to, is concerned. WirHier, whose smallest units are billions of Cybazilli, is suspicious of the dozing elder. WirHier, who is a servant of the Chaotarch Xrayn, is watchful all the time and ready for anything.

The SOL under the command of Ronald Tekener, Fee Kellind and Blo Rakane is in the Amienolc sector, patrolling the Hangay border barrier, at the beginning of April 1347 NGE. By means of the Kantor ultra measuring instrument, a several light day wide dimensional distortion is registered, that interests not only hyperphysicists like Tess Qumisha.

The Smiler, who has Benjameen da Jacinta aboard, as well as the two mutants Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder (who recently transferred from the RICHARD BURTON), decides to examine the phenomenon closer. Traitanks are trying to penetrate the object, but do not mange it, because the dimensional distortion ruins the functioning of their sensors and engines. (Later it turns out that the effect is produced by defective aggregates of the object.) In addition strange Strangeness become registered, which means that the thing arrived in Hangay from another universe.

Marath notices a strong mental presence in the distortion. The Cosmo-tracker is certain of being able to guide the barbell ship by using this presence as an orienting point. But Tekener agrees to this only after having da Jacinta check Marath in a Null dream to determine that he is not being influenced. The Smiler wants to avoid a repeated capturing of the SOL.

In the distortion the barbell ship locates a one hundred kilometer long wedge-shaped space station, which is surrounded by Strangeness. Explosions are taking place in it, and it is assumed that the whole station will soon be destroyed.

Meanwhile WirHier risks everything to protect the world fragment from its end. The being is considered the quarter master of the fragment and the emerging barbell ship opens the possibility of restocking its material requirements in time, by mean of disassembling the ship. In order to hold the unknown vehicle there, WirHier sends out an invitation to a Temporale Ceremony.

On the SOL they receive the knowledge that the space station refers to itself as the Negane City and is inviting them to visit the Tempolare Ceremony. Marath meanwhile describes the mental presence as slumbering and it only needs to be awoken, in order to retrieve its knowledge. Tekener decides to advance with a small ship called the SUSHI and a mission team. The team includes Blo Rakane, Steph La Nievand, twenty-eight Mom'Serimers under Sinco Venethos and Gurli Grushgelaard, Qumisha, da Jacinta, Schroeder and Marath. They leave the SOL on April fourth.

The ship's boat locates an approximately seventy meter wide object, which reminds them of a snow globe. In it is the mental presence, which now reacts to the presence of the Galactics. It is the Null dreamer who succeeds in a one-sided contact. He becomes acquainted with an infinitely tired being, who is not really interested in any contact, unless it was by someone similar to Perry Rhodan.

In response, as a cell activator bearer, the Smiler tries to make contact. Tekener thereby becomes acquainted the World Sage of Azdun in its snow globe, who had met Rhodan twenty million years ago in Tare Scharm. The World Sage speaks of the fact that the Negane City will be completed in Hangay in a thousand years. It explains that it has searched for a long time for a possibility to get away from the Terminal Column TRAITOR. Perhaps now that the space station is going to be destroyed, it can finally die in peace. After these words and warning Tekener about the quartermaster, the World Sage terminates the contact.

Tekener, however, is not ready to just let the millions of years of knowledge, which presents itself here, simply commit suicide and get away. Against the will of the World Sage, he orders the snow globe detached from the space station. However it simultaneously comes to attempts by WirHier to infiltrate the SOL on the nano-level. The mission team also ends up danger when WirHier attacks them. It is so overpowering that Marath’s black twin materializes. The cloud warrior manages to give lasting damage to WirHier due to the fact that they are both connected to psionic energy in the UHF range. This gives the SOL the idea to use a PIEPER to generate ultrahigh-frequency wave fronts that disrupt the nano-aggressors. WirHier tries to continue the attack, but fails and can no longer prevent the space station, a fragment of the Negane City, from bursting apart and destroying it.

At the last moment the mission team was able to save itself and the World Sage, getting back onto the SOL, which then withdraws itself from the space sector. A little later the dimensional distortion closes. The barbell ship shakes off any pursuers and heads for the Winola system eight thousand light years away. Their find from Amienolc, the World Sage of Azdun, is certainly important, but also very annoyed in its hangar in the SZ-2….

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-08-28

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