2461 - Der unendliche Raum
The Endless Space
Horst Hoffmann

The Traukis sector, not far away from the Winola system is the next goal of the Entropic cyclone, and Atlan and Mirk Unamato’s troop of Mom' Serimers make a second attempt to enter AKAZU. The cyclone scout 30,086,018 - renamed “ LOOKOUT “ – is prepared by March 26, 1347 NGE so that it looks, as if it would have been damaged with the explosion of the TRAI Servicer TRUCKER captured by Atlan and then ended up in the outskirts of the cyclone. A call for assistance is sent by Column radio. Atlan and the Mom' Serimers must endure it in tiny hiding places, until Traitanks arrive – torture for the energetic little guys. As expected, the Column troops are interested in recovering resources for the Column, so they to recycle the scout. A Column unit of so far unknown type, which is baptized by Atlan as a tube tender, due to its form, takes in the LOOKOUT and transports it through a Tryortan gullet to the cyclone station AKAZU-8. The stations are clearly the only entrance path to the Entropic cyclone. These are hemispherical blisters with a ground diameter of seventy-eight kilometers and thirty-nine kilometers height. On the basis of the curvature of the floor space, which, as Atlan assumes, represents the outer hull of AKAZU, a conclusion can be made on the diameter of the Entropic cyclone. It must be nearly 1,284,000 kilometers - as large as the sun Sol.

The cyclone stations represent a transition point to hyperspace, and AKAZU is completely embedded in this superordinate continuum. While Column troops begin the investigation and repair of the scouts, Atlan and the Mom' Serimer lieutenant make their way unhindered to AKAZU. Its covering has a thickness of a kilometer and encloses an apparently infinite open interior, in which numerous likewise enormous spheres are arranged. In the search for a center or a bridge that goes into AKAZU Atlan and Mirk Unamato become attentive to some of the strange gold colored Column Motivators that they had already met with the conquest of the scout. These partially material beings are possibly the actual inhabitants and pilots of the cyclone. Many of them go into a fog zone, which seems to have an important function and is designated as an entrance to the Entropic area. Mirk Unamato tries to follow one of the partially-material beings in there but he does not get far. As it seems, the smoke screen rejects anyone that does not have the authorization to enter.

Atlan also tries it and has more success. The further he advances, the clearer it becomes that the price for entering the Entropic area would be the dissolution of himself. His senses become more and more confused, and he soon loses control of himself. His extra sense takes over control of Atlan’s body and steers it outside, back to the Mom' Serimer. He takes Atlan back to the rest of the troop, which has brought a new cyclone scout under their control. In the meantime the Oahm'Caras have discovered that unauthorized people have entered AKAZU, and released the alarm. The escape succeeds and Atlan gradually comes around again. Just in time, he orders everyone out of the ship, because it is blown up by remote control. Some Traitanks still emerge, but they do not discover the refugees floating in space. After the disk shaped ships disappear again, Atlan calls for the RICHARD BURTON, which retrieves the group. Atlan now finally sees that the thought to use something as incomprehensible as an Entropic cyclone for his own purposes is an impossible dream. This way to the core region of Hangay cannot be achieved.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-08-19

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