2460 - Soldaten der NACHT
Soldiers of the NIGHT
Horst Hoffmann

The Hangay squadron and the SOL are still looking for a way to penetrate the core barrier and get into the center region of Hangay - so far in vain. In the base Win Alpha the Army of the NIGHT causes unrest: they are one hundred Mom' Serimers, which were assigned there from the SOL, in order to collect combat experience. Their head and contact officer to the Terrans is Lieutenant Mirk Unamato, a Mom' Serimer, who shows an almost incomprehensible sluggishness in thinking and acting compared to his comrades. Unamato’s idol is Atlan, and it is his greatest desire to be able to go on a mission with the immortal Arkonide. However the Mom'Serimers in Win Alpha become aggravated with the perceived insults and isolation they feel and nearly start a rebellion. On February 5, 1347 NGE thigns take a turn for the better, when the RICHARD BURTON succeeds in finding and dragging to Winola III a TRAI-Servicer that it found floating dead in space. This Column unit is converted for Terran needs. In addition it has many valuable raw materials on board, which can be used in the base, among other things T-Exagonium. Atlan designates the ship with the TRAITOR registry number 21,992,562 the TRUCKER and plans to use it for a very special mission; on March third a Column radiogram is caught, according to which the Entropic cyclone AKAZU will arrive in a few days in the sector 3-Vutavan. Atlan wants to try to penetrate into the cyclone (which is not the force of nature it appears to be, but a spaceship) because this will with high probability fly unhindered into the center region of Hangay. The implementation of this plan, however, requires a cyclone scout of the Oahm'Cara, because only with one of these ships would it be possible to approach the cyclone. The TRUCKER is therefore used as bait in the space sector concerned. It radiates an emergency call, which is actually responded to on March eleventh by a cyclone scout.

Now the Army of the NIGHT is used, because except for cell activator carriers, only certain Mom' Serimers are resistant to the deadly effect of an Entropic cyclone. Twenty-eight selected Mom' Serimer – among them Mirk Unamato - enter the cyclone Scout together with Atlan and paralyze its crew. But then all of them are subjected to a hypnotic influence - there are Column Motivators on board! These are larger than the previously encountered beings of this type and glow not red, but rather golden.

Unamato, who was afraid so far to shoot at other intelligent beings remains, due to an almost superhuman effort of will and because of the ingestion of some peppermint bonbons (which represent a strong stimulant for Mom' Serimers), capable of acting and manages to destroy the two Column Motivators. Then the Entropic cyclone arrives. The protective effect expected from the cyclone scout fails to appear, and the Oahm' Caras die. Only flight remains to Atlan and the Mom' Serimers, but they succeed in carrying along the docked cyclone scout with the TRUCKER to the RICHARD BURTON, where Atlan continues to plan...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-08-04

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