246 - Kontrollstation Modul
Control Station Modul
H.G. Ewers


Actually, the Masters of the Islands have decided to completely destroy Androbeta. Numerous suicide ships are sent against all the planets, where they crash and kill the population. Rhodan discovers that the pilots of these suicide ships are androids, but not from Andromeda. The robots are created on a lonely planet between Andromeda and Androbeta called Tenebria. The Terrans move to Tenebria but are repelled by missiles. A small commando manages to break through and reaches the surface of the planet.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On 1 November 2402 the Terrans discover that the solar transmitter of Andro-Beta has been destroyed following the transformation of one of its suns into a nova. That same day, spheres of energy descend on the planets of Andro-Beta and cause them to explode. Pucky and the Woolver twins remove an artificial creature resembling a jellyfish from one of these spheres. It reminds them of the androids of Gleam whose substance is identical to the jellyfish’s protoplasm. In order to conceal the Terran’s identity, duplicates of Maahks are brought into another captured sphere and the pilot of the sphere is paralyzed. This sphere leads the KHREST II, the IMPERATOR, the NAPOLEON and the ALARIC, whose spherical form has been modified, to a dark world 11,210 light years from Andro-Beta's edge. Sven Henderson, Ray Burdick, Taka Hokkado, Bron Tudd and Finch Eyseman land with a hunter. Pucky gets himself there by teleportation and encounters in a system of caves a hypnotic crystal similar to those of Celadon 7 (Greenish 7). He comes back on board the KHREST.

The Modul Baar Lun, who has the ability to transform energy into matter, supervises the production of androids. He watches as the mysterious dead Maahks brought by the sphere of energy change into balls of fire when a robot wounds them fortuitously. When the Terran hunter lands, he thinks that it is a ship of inspectors sent by the hated "Masters of the Island". For many centuries the “Masters of the Island” have threatened him with the destruction of his people in order to force him to obey their orders.

Michael P. Mahoney

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