2459 - Komplex Astrovent
Astrovent Complex
Wim Vandemaan

When Traitank 1,199,188 – baptized the DARK GHOUL by Roi Danton – arrives three hundred light years from the hundred suns world and begins to use its sensors, the Terrans experience a surprise: The central world of the Posbis has disappeared. They locate only heavy disturbances of the space-time structure within this range. The Traitank flies on and clearly breaks through some kind of barrier approximately ten light minutes away from the hundred suns world, because both the planet lit up by artificial suns and three hundred thousand deactivated Fragment ships, as well as five hundred thirty-six Chaos squadrons, thirty-eight Column Forts and a complete factory ensemble are suddenly to be seen. Aarus Zorm is also still present. Then a twenty-four thousand kilometer wide ring of two thousand one hundred twenty-one energy fields radiating in the ultrahigh frequency range is found. Roi Danton understands immediately that these are cabinets - the hundred-sun world is therefore the building site for VULTAPHER! Another cabinet arrives a little later.

The Terrans would love to immediately disappear again and bring this news to the Sol system, in order to lead an attack on the developing Chaotender with structure burner torpedoes. But radio contact has already been made with the Column forces there, so that a reversal would be recognized immediately as an escape attempt. Danton is compelled to go with his retinue to the Column factory TRAIGOT-1105 and play the Dual Captain Dantyren. He meets Kalbaron Ecktim along with the Column Geometrician Noryn Chapan. They inform him that the hundred-suns world was picked as the ideal building site for VULTAPHER because of its remoteness and an unusual hyperphysical stability dominating in this sector. As if on cue, an enormous UHF potential appears, which was located recently also in the proximity of the Sol system. This is MINATERG, the heart of the Chaotender. Along with it, Kirmizz also arrives at the hundred-suns world. He orders Roi Danton - alias Dantyren - to a personal meeting. Danton does not have choice, he must obey this request, although the pain caused by his full body mask is nearly overwhelming him. He enters a transmitter field and appears on the hundred-suns world, but no trace of Kirmizz is to be seen.

Hardly still conscious, Danton hides himself in a kind hut that he finds. He meets the Posbis Gessounin and Zaubilski inside, which help him. Gessounin is apparently the first positronic-biological robot that has developed Para-gifts. He is a relevance detector (he can feel, where and when something important will occur) and Temporal removator (he can stop and quasi ”turn back“ time). When Danton has regained his forces, he goes to find and meet Kirmizz. However the discussion runs more than unfavorably. The Chaotender pilot discovers Danton’s masquerade and breaks his neck. Shortly before Danton’s death Gessounin intervenes, turning back time. Danton may live on and again hold his conversation with Kirmizz, avoiding his errors this time. This time, he plays the half-mad deformed creation, which was Dantyren-2 really was. His pain, which causes him to lose consciousness in the end, helps him survive this time. Kirmizz turns away with a snide remark and lets Dantyren lie there - he grants life to such an inferior servant to the hated Progress keeper. He even arranges Dantyren’s return to the DARK GHOUL, which can finally fly back on June 3, 1347 NGE to the Milky Way. Danton must be operated on, because his contorted stance, forced by the full body mask led to the death of large parts of his tissue within the abdomen area.

Unnoticed by all something, which the Posbis call the cybernetic conspiracy, takes place at the same time as the visit by the DARK GHOUL. The Hyperinpotronic of the hundred-sun world received contact with the Supratronic of a Traitank and it manages to provoke the Supratronic into a kind of match with which is to be determined, which of the two artificial intelligences is the superior one. The Hyperinpotronic loses, but states that only one part of itself had been playing. This insults the honor of the Supratronic, which achieved its victory too easily, so that it requires that the Hyperinpotronic to pull all its forces together. This is just what the Hyperinpotronic was waiting for, because among the fragments, which it calls now for assistance, is Gessounin who has merged with Zaubilski. They manipulate some memory contents and program components with the Para-gift of Temporal removation in such a manner that the Supratronic can no longer differentiate between present, past and future. It is thus made lame by total confusion. The Hyperinpotroniv hopes that this paralysis will spread to all the networked Supratronics of TRAITOR, but it does not come to this. Another Supratronic became suspicious and destroys the “infected“ Traitank in time. Since the hundred-suns world is to be eventually converted into a cabinet of VULTAPHER, TRAITOR’S punishment remains mild. Only Gessounin and Zaubilski are to be destroyed. However only their robot bodies actually fall victim to the bursts of fire of a Traitank. Their artificial consciousnesses are secretly transferred milliseconds before by data transfer to a drone and are thus saved. They are put into upgraded bodies a little later and Gessounin feels good about the future...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-07-28

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