2458 - Der zweite Dantyren
The Second Dantyren
Leo Lukas

The second Dantyren is regarded by the Terminal Column as a failed creation - the Danton half almost died with the developing process, and his abilities are nowhere nearly as powerful as those of the first Dantyren. Therefore he was sent to the mining industry planet Liforno, settled by Blues and Akones in the Eastside of the Milky Way, where he heads the base there. He organizes pogroms, in order to force the rebellious settlers under his knout, but shows himself to be completely unsuitable even for the simplest functions of administration. The special characteristic of this Dantyren consists of the fact that both halves are very conscious of being only copies. They also know that there will be no further Dantyrens after them, because the two archetypes held by TRAITOR were destroyed. On May 24, 1347 NGE the arrival of a Traitank is announced. Dantyren, which had already briefly before been visited by a terminal Herald, which made it clear to him that he has to at least double the success of the first Dantyren, believes this is another visit to check up on him. In actuality, this is Traitank number 1,199,188 captured by Roi Danton a few days before, manned by Terrans masked as Ganschkares and Mor' Daers, as well as the micro-Beasts led by Senego Trainz.

The Terransí plan consists of replacing the genuine Dantyren. Roi Danton is to take over its role and thereby infiltrate the highest leadership levels of TRAITOR. Since it is to be feared that Antakur von Bitvelt will swiftly catch the change, Reginald Bull asks the Nucleus to affect the Progress Keeper mentally. The collective being agrees to do so and provides substantial excitement on CRULT with its activities: Antakur von Bitvelt believes in a forthcoming attack of a superordinate kind and pulls his Chaos squadrons together around CRULT. Meanwhile the Terrans on Liforno must find a way to make it through the mood swings of the second Dantyren and the distrust of two Awours, because their masks are anything but perfect. The crew of the Traitank pass the examination during Dantyrenís first inspection visit, but the Awours want to take up contact with CRULT, because the Terrans maintained that they were on the way with a special order from the Service Castle. The micro-Beasts eliminate this problem in their typical manner and set the results up so that it looks, as if the Awours had killed each other. In addition they discover Dantyrenís private accommodations.

Dantonís time to strike finally comes. He puts on his chrysalis mask and goes into Dantyrenís accommodations, protected by the darks field of some micro-Beasts, which accompany him. He plays Dantyrenís private recordings and learns that the Astrovent Complex must have something to do with the Posbis - a set of coordinates, which was conveyed to Dantyren in connection with the Astrovent, designates the location of the hundred-sun world. Suddenly the genuine Dantyren uses a secret entrance, of whose existence Danton did not know anything, to enter his accommodations. The Dual Captain forces the surprised Danton to his knees with the endogenous agony, but Danton succeeds in bringing the robotic Yrendir half of his chrysalis mask to run off one of its pre-formulated sentences - Dantyren interprets this as the prelude of an attack and concentrate the endogenous agony on the robot head, with which he naturally pushes into emptiness. While Dantyren is thus diverted, Danton reveals himself as the Danton archetype. Dantyren is shocked and this gives the Terran enough time to grab an emitter hidden in his body mask and shoot the Dual dead. Danton disintegrates the corpse and gets ready to head out to his next goal, in the role of Dantyren: To the hundred-sun world.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-07-22

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