2457 - Dantyrens Rückkehr
Dantyren’s Return
Arndt Ellmer

On April 25, 1347 NGE the micro-Beasts practice a maneuver on Luna. Besides, Senego Trainz almost falls prey to his former deputy Mor Frant, who wants to assassinate him, but is saved by Khiz Turagga, who kills Mor Frant. Some time later the Sol system is shifted one more time into the highest alert. This time it is because of an enormous UHF potential which appears with the Chaos squadrons on the edge of the TERRANOVA Screen, and seems to oscillate between the universes. It then suddenly disappears again without having undertaken any recognizable action.

After Roi Danton has overcome his nightmares of his captivity, he starts a daring mission whose aim first consists of capturing a Traitank and learning more about the second Dantyren. With the LEIF ERIKSSON II Perry Rhodan’s son flies to the Awful system in which according to his information a small TRAITOR radio and detection base exists. A portion of the micro-Beasts are with him, while whole body masks in the form of Ganschkares and Mor'Daers for prepared for Terran mission forces, as well as a Dantyren-chrysalis suit for Roi Danton. Certainly, the chrysalis mask fulfills its purpose, but it also causes Danton such pains that he can only wear it for a short time. The Yrendir half is fitted out appropriately with heavy wounds to explain its lack of speaking and Danton’s coordination difficulties. So camouflaged and accompanied by the six hundred micro-Beasts, Danton heads out in the Awful system with a small ship converted into a wreck on May 8th. Dantyren had met the Kalbaron Sikkor stuck before, and the Ganschkare is able to be duped. He believes the story that Danton serves him, replaces the supposedly destroyed equipment of his Column battlesuit and is glad when, at last, a Traitank with the registration number 1,199,188 emerges, which takes away the supposed Dual Captain again.

Danton tears the command of the Traitank to himself, as the previous commander Pogoris almost expects it from a Dual Captain, and heads the ship to the star cluster 47 Tucani, supposedly on a secret mission - a renegade Dark Investigator is to be observed there. That is the reason he gives to shut down the ship systems, which makes it impossible for the Traitank to quickly produce the general lock down condition. With Dantyren’s override code Danton leads the on-board computer to believe that a mutiny has broken out. Thereupon the greater part of the crew is paralyzed, while the micro-Beasts take out the rest. They have special difficulties with micro-Beasts who were already aboard and have remained suspicious. Their head leader Hens Gotar escapes capture. Certainly, Senego Trainz succeeds in killing him, but the micro-Beast may have already sent out an emergency call. Therefore, the evacuation of the Traitank is prepared. However, as arranged, the LEIF ERIKSSON II appears some time later, and takes the ship aboard. The next target destination is the Liforno sector where the second Dantyren supposedly stops...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-07-08

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