2456 - Akademie der Mikro-Bestien
Academy of the Micro-Beasts
Arndt Ellmer

At the end of November 1346 NGE Roi Danton arrives with the battle cruiser MARA BOOTES on Terra. His identity was confirmed, of course, at Quinto Center, yet Reginald Bull’s doubt are only eliminated, when he personally faces Perry Rhodan’s son, and as Roi explains to him, with the 1800 Micro-Beasts in his accompaniment. Roi supplies important insider information about TRAITOR. He still suffers from nightmares because of his terrible experiences on the Skapalm bark. The mini-Haluters enjoy guest status on Terra, but feel caged in the Solar Residence. In addition they cause some damage with their aggressive behaviors. The Terrans therefore provide the mini-Beasts with a 106 kilometer wide area in the crater Lamb on Luna at their disposal, where they can rage to their heart’s content and live in a city specially created for them under an energy dome. The micro-Beasts want to be however more than only waited upon guests: They want to fight against TRAITOR and avenge themselves for the agonies, which they had to endure. Therefore they establish a training centre, which receives the name Academy of the Micro-Beasts in consultation with the Terrans.

The Terrans support this project, because the micro-Beasts could be valuable allies. On December 20th therefore the official training enterprise begins. The Dean of the academy is the Swoon Ilthun Coro, and the teachers are Siganeses and Terrans. Robots are used for support, serving at the same time as quiet observers. The micro-Beasts prove to be eager learners, even if some from them are only suited for use as brute fighters, due to their genetic makeup. The Terrans soon trust them so far that they install a transmitter connection to other places in the Sol system for them. The particularly eager to learn Khiz Turagga starts to study medicine on Mimas. In March 1347 NGE a satellite center of the Academy is even set up at Terrania University. But not all is well with the micro-Beasts. Some of them are classified by Noviel Residor as safety risks. Mor Frant, Senego’s deputy, varies between the desire to attack TRAITOR immediately or to turn over and join Terminal Column. After an incident, with which Mor Frant puts a Terran in danger, he is fired from his position as deputy leader. However, as he says, the last word is not yet spoken.

On April 24, 1347 NGE one of the new Galacticum worlds sends a message to Tera. A recent radiogram of TRAITOR’S was overheard, in which somebody inquired about the conditions of the development at the ‘Astrovent Complex’. Reginald Bull is concerned, because he does not have know what could be meant with this term, although he supposes it has to do with cracking the TERRANOVA Screen – he is shock, however, when he learns the name of the person, who sent out the inquiry: It is a Dantyren!

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-07-03

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