2455 - Sieg der Moral
Victory of Morality
Uwe Anton

Things could not run more differently for Mondra Diamond and Perry Rhodan: While the former TLS agent is interrogated again by the traitor Vanta Aquinto and must watch bitterly how Dyramesch has recordings of her failed mission transmitted all over Evolux, Rhodan Icho Tolot and the Yakonto succeed in penetrating into the LAW-Giver problem-free. Rhodan enters its Main Control Room, is recognized as authorized to give commands and now finds out the name of the gigantic spaceship: It is the CHEOS-TAI!

In the Para-block Castun Ogoras and the other Yakontos get mental contact with AMU again and find out the history of this entity. The mental nature evolved many millions of years ago from a people of hydrogen methane breathers by the name of Amugath. It had become a witness of a Refractive Jump, but at the same time a Quantum of Darkness had merged with the psi material of the avatar AMU which had been aboard the obelisk ship GAHISH. After the fusion AMU had had to suffer the same tortures like the Quantum of Darkness. She had lost consciousness and her avatar had been flung into hyperspace. In its place a pseudomaterial projection of AMU had appeared which had accepted the single form present nearby: that of a black obelisk. This obelisk was shadowless, because AMUíS body was only a shadow of her former manifestation. AMU had stopped afterwards for a time on Cyprona, however, had to suffer difficultly from the Vibra-Psi. Under the influence of the Vibra-Psi, Nega-Cyprons had felt drawn by AMU and teleported inside her, thereby developing the ability to accept any arbitrary form by means of a paraphysical mirror field. AMU left Cyprona again to prevent that the Nega-Cyprons could damage themselves by contact with herself any further. She searched the raving hyperphysical chaos for refuge before the Retroversion in Tare Scharm and, finally, reached the space sector Alufir where less hyperstorms raged because of the nearness of a cosmic messenger. There she met CHEOS-TAI which granted her asylum behind its time screen.

Certainly, CHEOS-TAI was badly damaged after the Retroversion, but is meanwhile again one hundred percent operational. Rhodan flies immediately with it to Evolux and makes sure that Dyramesch can take up no contact with the LAW-Giver. He himself demands the delivery of the JULES VERNE. Meanwhile, Dyramesch who is certainly a technocrat, but no unscrupulous rascal has pardoned Mondra and her team, but cannot give in to Rhodanís demand because of the loss of face it would entail. He intends confronting the LAW-Giver individually with the PENDULUM, but the not yet completely tested out cobalt blue cylinder swiftly suffers malfunctions with its launch. Whether it is a real mistake, or one of the Tentone crw conspiring against Dyramesch remains a mystery. Nothing would change in the result anyway: The PENDULUM must land again, and on Evolux there rules disorder, because a factory defect in a cobalt blue cylinder is such an enormous disaster that the white world will possibly lose its status as a shipyard planet of the Cosmocrats.

Wan Ahriman and the other secret rulers of the Yakonto cannot tolerate this. They rise from their survival tanks and order a strike - therefore nothing more is produced on Evolux. Dyramesch pulls the consequences from a simple calculation: if he remained in the office, an efficiency decrease would be expected of over several percent. Therefore he resigns and leaves Evolux with his geometrical yacht. The old councils remove the Yakontoa loyal to the line of the new Sequence Council with Vanta Aquinto at the top and therefore again take over their traditional place as rulers of Evolux. Rhodan pursues these processes with mixed feelings, because, meanwhile, it has become clear to him that the desire of the Cosmocrats must have very particular reasons to look for an efficiency increase.

The JULES VERNE is brought in a hangar of the LAW-Giver. Because nothing stands in the way now of a return to Terra, Rhodan wants to leave immediately. The Algorrians will run the CHEOS-TAI until the Hangay campaign is over. Then they will take the LAW-Giver back to Evolux and live there. AMU remains with the Yakontos. Her first "official act" is to bring common sense to Wan Ahriman, before he applies the shipyard penalty upon Vanta Aquinto. Morality wins over revenge.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-06-25

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