2454 - Schiff aus der Ewigkeit
Ship From Out of Eternity
Horst Hoffmann

Castun Ogoras leaves the LIRIO for the artifact museum on the planet Thestos accompanied by Perry Rhodan and Icho Tolot where this obelisk spaceship is kept from which the Yakontos hope for indications to their origin. The planet practically pours over with life, and beings are present everywhere which are only too well known to Rhodan: UFOnauts and their androids. They carry the name Tentones with the Yakontos, and they are considered as the highest law enforcement agency in Tare Scharm. The artifact museum and the five hundred eighty meter high obelisk ship are freely accessible, but like in every museum guests may only look at the exhibits here, but not touch. Jorgo, a round robot which communicates in a mental manner with the guests leads the Galactics and the Yakontos through the museum. Rhodan is irritated about the fact that the robot can read his thoughts. The fact that he feels observed by a beautiful, androgynous looking foreign being, does not contribute to his reassurance.

With the walk through the obelisk spaceship it becomes quickly clear that the accessible areas have been prepared so that one gets no indications about the crew or the intended purpose of the ship. The Yakontoa do not want to be content with it. They unite to a Para-block and affect the UFOnaut-Androids working in the museum as guards, so that these do not perceive at all what happens directly before their eyes. After three days of exhausting search the Yakonto discover a small object which represents a kind of log of the ship. It seems as if the object has "hidden" itself during all years. It wanted to be found by Cypron descendants. Rhodan and the Yakontos are subjected to an increasing mental influencing. The log, or the androgynous stranger and also Jorgo are nothing else than offshoots of the obelisk ship itself. The ship transmitted the Yakonto a thought picture of a certain star constellation which “ certainly cannot be safer”. They must find this place, if they are to get all the answers which they are searching for.

Jorgo helps the group to leave the museum unhindered. Now the LIRIO looks for the place from which one can see the said star constellation. Particularly Castun Ogoras is possessed by this task and endangers himself by his indefatigable work at it. At last, the space sector Alufir is identified as the searched for aim. However, there is nothing there - anyway, not in normal space. However, indications of a discontinuity are discovered in the space time continuum. Evidently something is hidden behind a time screen. Again the Yakontos form a Para-block into which Rhodan is also somehow integrated. At last, contact with an entity is produced which calls itself AMU. This being has the form of a black obelisk and is possibly this entity with which the Cyprons have once combined. A part of this entity has remained on the obelisk ship, however, the bigger part is a guest on an enormous, golden, round object - a LAW-Giver!

Before the contact with AMU breaks off, the LAW-Giver recognizes Perry Rhodan’s Knight aura. Immediately the Terraner is recognized as an authorized person. The LAW-Giver creates an opening in the time screen which can be crossed by the LIRIO.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-06-12

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