2452 - Operation Kobaltblau
Operation Cobalt Blue
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan has left with some Yakontos on an expedition and is expected back only in some weeks. In the meantime Mondra Diamond hold s the leadership of the expedition. She does not thing of passing the time dormant, while Yakonto have left the transmitter portal open for their use.

Gradually a plan matures: the Cosmocrat’s cobalt blue cylinder ship, the PENDULUM, is close to completion. She wants to capture and, if possible, occupy it. With this, she wants to force Dyramesch, the administrator of the shipyard planet, to at least let the JULES VERNE leave the planet in peace. If necessary, she ants to actually use the PENDULUM to fly them back to their native Milky Way.

While she is thinking up this, a Quality Control team of Yakonto have discovered that Dyramesch’s measures to increase efficiency have begun to cause building errors. They have found a faulty high quality switch, which is produced for the cylinder ships. This has never happened before in the history of the planet and causes the quality control team to desire the ouster of Dyramesch. In their investigation for proof, they come upon the commando team from the JULES VERNE and agree to help them, since the loss of the PENDULUM would discredit Dyramesch. But they will not take an active part in the attack themselves, or do anything to endanger the position of the Yakantos in the planet’s society. Dyramesch has created himself many opponents, and only the faithfulness to shipyard prevents this from turning into an open revolt.

The quality control team gets the Galactic’s team to the Steep City. But the access methods into the shipyard are carefully protected. An old, deactivated transmitter can get them inside. If they can damage the machine, then it is theorized that the Meta-runners would quickly repair and reactivate it. This particular transmitter would not have the newer security features that would keep the team from using it to get into the center shipyard.

Mondra and Ekatus Atimoss are taken by one of the Yakontos to set up the bombs to damage the transmitter. They succeed in damaging the transmitter, but when they retreat to return to the Yakonto in the glider, it is gone…

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-05-25

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