2451 - Die Metaläufer
The Meta-runner
Michael Marcus Thurner

The crew of the JULES VERNE is stuck on Evolux, a shipyard planet of the Cosmocrats, and stands under a quarantine. During an exploratory drilling with conventional means, trying to tunnel through the energy fields of the Gelephant Segment, they bump into reinforced rock after approximately seventy meters and stops. Therefore, this path also seems obstructed.

Meanwhile, the "spirit cures" of various generators continued on board. These are executed by the Meta-runners, a race related to the Paddlers or Errante races. The Meta-runners are not observed, because they just like their relatives, have control of the ability of structure running. The Meta-runners are work obsessed repair technical engineers of Evolux and deserve their reputation. They possess very advanced technology and were sent, actually, only to take stock of the ship. The unusual technology mix of the JULES VERNE particularly draws them to remain. More and more Meta-runners come to earn themselves their tattoos for repairs made.

While the Terrans look for other escape possibilities, a delegation of the Yakontos arrive under the leadership of Castun Ogoras. Perry Rhodan is invited to meet Wan Ahriman, the unofficial head of the Yakontos, in Mac'lai. Perry takes along Icho Tolot. The third transmitter arch is used for this, although it had supposedly been officially shut down for traffic. On the way the Yakonto show Rhodan the bright city with the graveyard of the Yakontos on which obelisks which throw no shadows are to be seen. Rhodan and Tolot immediately pull the obvious conclusion that the Yaknoto are descendants of the Cyprons or Nega-Cyprons, but do not mention it to the Yakontos at first.

Rhodan is led to the hidden residence of the Sequence Council of the Yakontos. These are the former leaders of Evolux, who were ejected nine hundred years ago by Dyramesch which had taken over power to put through an increase in production of 0.35% on Evolux. This had been firmly rejected by the Sequence Council, because they saw the harmony and perfection of Evolux endangered. Since then they had regarded errors with the production of a cobalt blue cylinder ship only as a question of time. The council had withdrawn into preserving tanks and observed as much as possible since then from hiding. They also believe to perceive increased disturbances and want to wait them out. Their biggest problem is their faithfulness to the shipyard, which prevents any direct action against Dyramesch.

Perry decides to confront the Council with the likely descent of the Yakontos from the Cyprons and Nega-Cyprons. He wants to pull them more strongly to his side in this way and lure them from their reserve. However, he is also conscious of the risk of perhaps accomplishing exactly the contrary with it. Therefore, he sends Icho Tolot to get proof from the JULES VERNE and to remove all indications to the presence of the VERNE in the past from it. After eight hours Tolot returns, and the proofs are submitted. Certainly, the Yakonto cannot position themselves openly on the side of the Galactics because of their faithfulness to the shipyard, but one can be sure of their friendship and sympathy. The Yakontos want to check all the proof one more time and ask for some time to digest and think over the new situation. Perry also leaves them the medallion which he had received from the Ultimate Councilor of the Cyporns and in which information was stored in a mental manner.

Meanwhile, Ekatus Atimoss has awoken and tests his abilities out. He succeeds even under the conditions of the raised hyperimpedance in producing Parapolarisators and making use of them. He only needs to use more of his energy with it. His addiction to the Vibra-Psi is alleviated by time released medication. Hiden behind the Parapol veil, he discovers the Meta-runners. Because Perry is not there and he has no other alternative, he speaks to Mondra Diamond.

Together with the Dual and the geologist Eziel Querada she follows the Meta-runners and ends up under the ground of Evolux. In a city of the Meta-runners it comes to an accidental incident with Querada with which he is badly injured. The Meta-runners are horrified and apologize for the injury. However, their officials decide to withdraw completely from the JULES VERNE, among other things in order to avoid violating the Meta-loyalty to the shipyard. But already after a short time three hundred Meta-runners meet to arrange to meet again "by chance", two hours later "by chance", to continue working on the VERNE. Now they begin to not only repair bigger generators, but to completely replace them with all new equipment.

After Perry’s return to the VERNE a delegation of the Yakontos appears after a short time and asks Perry’s participation in an expedition to an ancient spaceship with the form of a black obelisk, found over sixty thousand years ago in the halo of Tare Scharm. With their departure the Yakontos "forget" to switch off the Transmitter arch.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-05-17

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