2449 - Die Finale Schlacht
The Final Battle
Hubert Haensel

AI-Myo, ARCHETIM’S envoy, leads the united fleets as general into the final battle, although he can barely keep himself upright in his body mask. Since he is missing information about the goal of the fleet, he invokes ARCHETIM asking for assistance. This entity finally sends a consciousness fragment, which serves him as moral support. In reality AI-Myo possesses the knowledge about the goal of the fleet; ARCHETIM had only blocked it, until it was needed.

The fleet arrives in the target area in the proximity of the black hole Margin Chrilox, accompanied by fifty-eight LAW-Givers. These are to provide bearable hyperphysical conditions, so that the almost one million ship strong fleet can fight effectively.

Finally the fleet discovers GLOIN TRAITOR, the Needle of Chaos. It is a construct of over one hundred thousand Column Forts, guarded by other large units, including five Column MACHINES. ARCHETIM reveals the purpose of the battle to AI-Myo: GLOIN TRAITOR manipulates the Psionic net and so indirectly produces the border barrier. As soon as GLOIN TRAITOR is destroyed, ARCHETIM could begin the repair of the Psionic net undisturbed. The border barrier would break down, and it a cosmic messenger could fly in, which would finally dissolve the Negasphere.

In the meantime Kamuko awakes on board the JULES VERNE and the Galactics hands over the Vector Helmet to her; thus her Glowlight Armor is again complete. So equipped, she is able to lead the JULES VERNE to close to the location of the final battle. However the JULES VERNE is hunted by Traitanks and heavily damaged. Kamuko absolutely wants to get back to her fleet and finally leaves alone with a space jet of the SPIRIT class. She flies through the chaos, without getting far.

In the meantime General AI-Myo steers his fleet the best he can. But without the orientation possibilities of the Glowlight Armor and due to his lack of combat experience his troops suffer immoderately high losses. With a flanking attack he manages to divert the GLOIN TRAITOR’S attention, so that the LAW-Givers can suddenly expand the stable zone. The entire fleet of ARCHETIM now falls upon GLOIN TRAITOR and can finally destroy the Needle of Chaos.

ARCHETIM, using CHEOS-TAI as a catalyst and Psi-relay, begins the Retroversion by carefully delivering his accumulated psi-energy into the Psionic net. However a part of the Element of Darkness emerges in this moment, which is not bound at Bi-Xotoring by the diversionary maneuver. ARCHETIM’S primal fear of the Darkness breaks through and he destroys the Darkness splinter by an enormous explosion of psi-energy. However the impact was so enormous that ARCHETIM thereby inadvertently mortally wounded himself. Nevertheless the Retroversion succeeds and the Chaos powers cannot stop it anymore without GLOIN TRAITOR. AI-Myo instructs the retreat of all the troops.

The crew of the JULES VERNE now know everything that they wanted to find out, bu their situation becomes increasingly more dangerous, and the hyperlight engines are not operational. Thus Perry Rhodan instructs an emergency context leap. Kamuko unconsciously flew in a circle and finds the JULES VERNE again. In the moment, in which the space jet is infiltrated, the JULES VERNE dematerializes. The guests on board, Pothawk and his Laosoors, the four Cypron Sphärikers and the Dual Ekatus Atimoss are carried forward in time with them…

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-04-27

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