2448 - Tage der Angst
Days of Fear
Hubert Haensel

The JULES VERNE wanders through Tare Scharm and has difficulties reaching its real destination: the Margin-Chrilox black hole in the center of the Proto-Negasphere where the final battle is supposed to take place and where Perry Rhodan wants to observe how the Retroversion "functions". A petition from the crew, which demands their return into the relative present does not make matters any simpler. Rhodan rejects the unjustified demand by his officers, because he is convinced of the fact that the Retroversion must be observed from close up. However, he still is not clear about whether an important role in this might not be approaching the Terrans - or whether they risk a time paradox with it. When the Sphärikers gradually reach the border of exhaustion and the JULES VERNE reaches a space sector in which even the abilities of the mutated Cyprons fail, Alaska Saedelaere intervenes. Although it causes him terrible tortures to wear the Vector Helmet, he uses this component of the Glowlight Armor again and navigates the barbell ship back in a calmer "shipping lane". His Cappin fragment helps him to overcome the refusal which the helmet brings towards him.

General Kamuko is not doing well. The Terrans have found out that she carries a Claw of the Laboraten. Certainly, the attempt to neutralize the parasite with the Atrentus procedure succeeds, but shortly after this Kamuko’s condition rapidly deteriorates. She threatens to die. Rhodan puts on the breastplate and the greaves of the Glowlight Armor, but discovers that the armor utterly rejects him in spite of his Knight's aura. He loses consciousness from the pain the armor generates inside him, but he is freed from the armor just in time. After some further days flight the JULES VERNE reaches a space sector in which one transmitter field is being kept up by eight Column space time routers. Rhodan assumes the fact that one can reach the centre of Tare Scharm using this Transmitter. While he still considers whether the JULES VERNE should venture a transit, a Column radio message is caught, in which the alarm is given for Margin-Chrilox. They are now positive that the final battle has begun. Rhodan orders the approach to the transmitter. Everything goes so quickly that the armed forces of TRAITOR cannot react in time and the barbell ship manages its flight into the transmission field.

Meanwhile Ki-Myo must take over a task which dos not feel up to doing: ARCHETIM puts him in as commander in chief of the combined fleet because of Kamuko’s absence. The Aeganer gets direct, permanent contact with the superintelligence and is raised to the rank of a general. Meanwhile, the CORRIDOR OF ORDER is completed, so that the fleets can push ahead to Margin-Chrilox. ARCHETIM’S plans seem to work. Because of a large-scale attack on the Bi-Xotoring chaotic network, KOLTOROC moves a large contingent of troops there; the Element of Darkness, particularly feared by ARCHETIM accompanies this fleet. Now KOLTOROC is hopefully distracted enough, so that the real target can be hit: an enormous, convoluted thing - a double helix consisting of innumerable Column Forts. This is GLOIN TRAITOR, the needle of Chaos, the center of KOLTOROC’S power in the accretion disk of Margin-Chrilox. At the same time the call is sent out from the Negane city for the Chaotarc Xrayn ti come...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-04-19

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