2447 - Warten auf Xrayn
Waiting for Xrayn
Uwe Anton

The PLURAPH docked in an Accommodation of the Negane city, a conglomerate of up to one hundred kilometer thick space stations, which are concentrated into a space sphere of approximately two thousand two hundred kilometers diameter. Its original crew, the Urenzo Sa'pha, joins the Choral caravan, and with this the ship is no longer flyable. The only back to the JULES VERNE remains through the long range transmitter that Perry Rhodan had ordered carried along.

But first the expedition of Galactics (Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Icho Tolot), Laosoors (Pothawk and his brothers, as well as nine other master thieves) and the Dual Ekatus Atimoss must free the Prinzipa Kamuko, who is being held in custody in the Negane Dungeon and tortured. A Claw of the Laboraten is also being implanted in her to force her to cooperate with the Chaos troops.

Because the guests of the Negane city enjoy almost complete freedom of movement, the commando team sets off with several gliders to visit one of the Accommodations nearest to the Negane Dungeon. Only two Laosoors stay behind to prepare the destruction of the PLURAPH. On the outward flight Perry Rhodan shortly has mental contact with a mental being that seems kindly disposed towards him.

The Negane Dungeon is a space station of approximately four hundred meters of diameter, surrounded by a high-quality energy screen. The liberators are brought inside by Gucky teleporting them into gliders entering the station. There they construct a bridgehead in a rarely used storage room and prepare the breakout. They cause a distraction by opening all the cell doors and technical acts of sabotage, like the disconnection of all the protection screens, and succeed in retrieving Kamuko, who tries to resist this, and her equipment. They then make their retreat to the PLURAPH.

Perry Rhodan himself does not participate in the liberation of the Prinzipa, because he desires to visit the mysterious mental being, which is called the World sage of Azdun. The being exercises out a fascinating attraction upon him, and only with the imminent approaching of KOLTOROC and the help of Ekatus Atimoss and Gucky does he break free of the being’s influence. Manwhile, the World sage revealed to Perry Rhodan that the Negane city serves to create small areas with heavily loaded Vibra-Psi conditions, forming the Tempolary Arcades which allow Chaotarccs like Xrayn to exist in this universe without being subjected to the feared transform syndrome.

Arriving back on the JULES VERNE, they find the entrance to the CORRIDOR OF ORDER blocked by large contingents of Traitanks. Once again, they begin a flight into the unknown…

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-04-10

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