2446 - Die Negane Stadt
The Negane City
Uwe Anton

The branch of the PASSAGE OF ORDER, through which the JULES VERNE and PLURAPH reenter normal space, ends at the double sun Lotrafur. There the two LAW-Givers CHEOS-AKIS and CHEOS-DEGU (naturally protected in hyperspace) will wait for the return of the rescue mission, which wants to release the Prinzipa Kamuko. It is still sixteen years up to the Tir Tair sector.

The Terran barbell ship holds position close to an orange sun, 3.6 light-years away from the Negane city. In this sector of the Proto-Negasphere it teems with units of the Terminal Column TRAITOR, and over Column radio the city bids visitors welcome and encourages them to hurry, because the Tempolare ceremony is approaching.

The actual insertion to the Neganen city is to be accomplished with the PLURAPH. According to a conference of the expedition leadership, Perry Rhodan, Gucky, Icho Tolot, Ekatus Atimoss and twelve Laosoors plus Pothawk and his brothers will participate in the mission. Twenty TARA-V-UH robots and transportable transmitters are part of the equipment they take along. The ship, without its mast, starts on May 12, 20,059,812 BC. The Urenzo Sa'pha, beings that live mostly in hyperspace who crew the ship, reject the Terran as commander due to his Knight’s aura. This task is taken over by the Dual.

The Negane city proves to be a titanic sphere of asteroid sized building complexes with a maximum diameter of two thousand two hundred kilometers. It is stabilized by ultra-strong force fields, and a heavily loaded influence of Vibra-psi is notable. It must be present in enormous amounts in the city.

The PLURAPH receives landing permission, after the question, of whether there are further Claqueures for the Tempolare ceremony on board, was intuitively affirmed. After the landing, a monitoring unit comes on board, from which the mission team hides itself. The unit consists of Morgoth'Daers and small, bear-like Jonasers. They do a quick check and then leave again.

In two groups the commandos leave the PLURAPH. While Pothawk and the other Laosoors are to find information on the Prinzipa, Rhodan, Gucky, Tolot and Atimoss will try to fathom the secrets of the Negane city. They come into a multi-cultured driving, which the Terrans did not expect to find here. In addition the Ilt communicates that the visitors to the city are waiting for the arrival of the Chaotarch Xrayn. The Claqueures were called in specially for this event by the Negane Bureaucrats.

In order to collect further facts, the group with Rhodan looks for contact with one of these officials. They find a Perendrix, a being probably descended from fish. Glorithlin Pal makes the best of his position, because he was rather abruptly promoted to his boss’ position after his people had messed up a ritual dance. Pal feels extremely disturbed in his preparations for the Tempolare ceremony (he must learn four thousand four hundred fifty-seven particular steps in very little time). In order to get rid of his intruders as fast as possible again, he gives them some information. The center of the Negane city a 13.8 kilometers thick sphere, which is called the Tempolare arcade. So much Vibra-psi is being generated there that any normal organism would have to die there. But the arcade is intended for Xrayn. Moreover the so-called intra-structural seeds intended for use with the Negasphere are being transported here. In addition Rhodan, Gucky, Tolot and Atimoss are shown Holo-pictures of the warriors of the Korgylkan (genetically altered soldiers and shape transducers), the multiform Petethra Psionics, which harvest Magos of the Bobthrust as well as the Negagisten (logisticians). A Holo is also shown of the Multi-gene Expresser works. They all are to help during the settlement of the Negasphere.

At last Pal is left in peace, and Gucky communicates to his companions that the Tempolare ceremony is actually only an end in and of itself, to ensure the continuing existence of the bureaucracy. The actual preparation and greetings of the Chaotarch takes place via the superintelligence KOLTOROC.

The group around Rhodan, which does not possess direct contact with Pothawk’s group, penetrates up to the center of the Negane city, which are screened off by a 5-D screen. But with the assistance of his Parapolarisators the Dual the team brings the team inside. There the Haluter locates an auxiliary control room and can hack into the internal network there. He finds out that machinery discovered up to then represent the enormous boosters, which channel the Vibra-psi through transformers into the arcade. Then Tolot comes upon a message from the Laosoor.

On their way through the Negane city Pothawk’s group also comes upon a restricted area. They can penetrate there however owing to their gift of nano-distance teleportation. Limbox, the Nano-hand, finds success, when he determines that Kamuko still lives and is being held in the Negane Dungeon for the arrival of KOLTOROC. Limbox sends a coded message through the internal network, called the blackboard, and they begin the retreat to the PLURAPH, where the next moves are to be discussed.

In the meantime is May fourteenth, and their ship when Rhodan arrives at the ship, it is surrounded by the Choral caravan, timeless and bodiless beings he had already encountered once in the city. The Caravan attracts and absorbs the Urenzo Sa'pha into its ranks. Thus, it is to be assumed that the ship will not fly again. But they still have the transmitters. Nevertheless, time is pressing, because if KOLTOROC appears, they will surely be exposed.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-04-02

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