2445 - Geschöpf des Chaos
Creature of Chaos
Horst Hoffmann

The Dual Ekatus Atimoss is in a moral quandary. Perry Rhodan offers friendship and full access to the knowledge of the Terrans to him, but the destruction of the Negasphere would rob him of the prospect of being able to live in a familiar, comforting environment filled with the Vibra-psi.

The JULES VERNE accompanies the fleet of the Cyprons to the rendezvous point of the fleets of the last free peoples of Tare Scharm. The spaceship is steered there by four Cypron Sphärikers, which can orient themselves in the chaotic hyperphysical conditions of Tare Scharm. Together with a quantity of ships from other races the reach the CORRIDOR OF ORDER, within which the fleets from Tare Scharm and the INTAZO meet. The LAOMARK has also arrived in it, and there is a reunion with Pothawk and his brothers. The Laosoors react disturbed to the presence of its former torturer Ekatus Atimoss, but finally accept Perry Rhodan’s reasons for this.

The CORRIDOR OF ORDER is free from Vibra-psi, and Ekatus Atimoss suffers much from it. He receives offers of help from the Terrans but rejects this, finding alleviation with the Cypron Sphärikers.

Since Perry Rhodan is not invited to the upcoming mission discussion by AI-Myo, he has himself brought there by Ekatus Atimoss under the protection of a Parapol veil. Altogether one hundred eleven LAW-Givers are stationed in Tare Scharm. Some form a kind of ringed path with eight junctions, from which the attacks on the chaotic cells and networks are made. The remaining LAW-Givers are clearing a path to the center black hole of the galaxy, which will be surrounded completely by chaotic networks. That took up several centuries and is coming to completion very soon. Thus the pathway to the Retroversion of the developing Negasphere is set. With this knowledge the two partners return to the JULES VERNE.

Afterwards Ekatus Atimoss takes matters into his own hands. He visits the ARCHETIM projection that has appeared, with his bearer robot, in hope for assistance. No assistance is given to him, and this escapade only serves to annoy the Terrans about the behavior of Ekatus Atimoss, for they see their trust given to this Dual abused by him.

On May 14 20,059,812 BC AI-Myo invites the Terran Resident on board the TAROSHI. He then clears up why Rhodan should not have the knowledge let out during the earlier mission briefing: General Kamuko has been missing now for now nine weeks in the Tir Tair sector, after her attempt to explore the Negane City that had appeared there with a ship's boat. Her disappearance has been kept secret so far, in order not to worry the troops.

AI-Myo asks Perry Rhodan to fly a mission command for the rescue of Kamuko and refers to the fact that the only ones he could send on this mission are people that do not have any knowledge of the planned actions of ARCHETIM. That was why the envoy did not invite Perry Rhodan to ARCHETIM’S conference. Perry Rhodan accepts the order and leaves AI-Myo in the faith borne of his ignorance.

Rhodan receives the PLURAPH from AI-Myo as support for the mission. Since it has valid identifications as a former Column unit, it is most suitable for the mission. Perry Rhodan is highly pleased by the addition of two hundred Laosoors who will participate in this mission, under the leadership of Pothawk, who will carry the rank of Commander for the mission...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-03-12

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