2444 - Vor der Finalen Schlacht
Before the Final Battle
Michael Marcus Thurner

A little bit more than two months have passed since Perry Rhodan’s arrival on Tarquina. On the JULES VERNE a habitat has been established in which four Sphärikers will stay in the future. They should make possible navigation in the appearing Negasphere for the barbell spaceship. As a special present from Randa Eiss, Rhodan receives a complete set of data and equipment, which are needed to execute the Atrentus procedure. With it Rhodan has all means in hand which he needs to make a Claw of the Laboraten harmless.

In February 1347 NGE JULES VERNE ship time an emergency call from Ki-Myos is caught. The envoy of ARCHETIM with his ship, the PLURAPH, has been hunted down and attacked on the way to Tarquina by Traitanks. The JULES VERNE accompanies a Cypron squadron, which hurries to help the Aeganer, and contributes to the fact that the Column forces suffer a devastating defeat by the application of its contra-computer.

Later, Ki-Myo announces that the Negane City has appeared, and this is the signal for the beginning of the final battle. Now all of ARCHETIM’S helpers, so the Aeganer demands, must join together and carry out the final, crucial blow against the Negasphere. A special job is intended for the Nega-Cyprons. Because of their special affinity to the Negasphere, they should serve as pilots in the most important ships in the battle. Because Randa Eiss cannot force the Nega-Cyprons to participate in the battles on account of the promise he had given them, Ki-Myo speaks personally to Davin Abangy, the Prior of the Nega-Cyprons whom he knows from earlier days. The Nega-Cyprons had concluded a pact with ARCHETIM many generations ago, but now they break it, because they are filled by fear of TRAITOR.

During these events Perry Rhodan also has the opportunity to visit Ki-Myo on the PLURAPH. This ship consists partly of a Column unit and can move completely unidentified in the rows of TRAITOR if it uncouples the remainder of the ship. By the Ph'akutu, mussel like beings that run through the whole ship, the PLURAPH has not only strong self-curing forces, but can resist the bombardment of a potential thrower without an energy screen. The other beings on board, which are called Urenzo Sa'pha, are the real crew. They had originally deserted the Terminal Column. Both forms of life partly live in hyperspace, as a part of the PLURAPH is also in this higher continuum. Rhodan finds out that Ki-Myo is already ancient and infirm. He camouflages his frail exterior with a videoplastic body mask. He asks Rhodan to participate in the final battle, but the Terran still believes in not being allowed to actively intervene in the events of the past, and refuses.

The Cyprons, on the contrary, are sworn to the battle by Ki-Myo and Randa Eiss. They manage a great coup when they pretend the self-destruction of Tarquinas in a copy of the semi-space bubble and at the same time destroy a great number of Traitanks. Now the war preparations can be completed undisturbed. On April 10, 1347 NGE almost all existing Cypronian battle ships depart to proceed to the Maginus-Rie rendezvous point. The JULES VERNE joins the fleet. The Nega-Cypron fly off, but they disappear without greeting with an unknown destination. The Prior Davin Abangy stays behind on Tarquina, because his end has come. He becomes an obelisk, which throws no shadow.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-03-10

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