2443 - ESCHERS Plan
Christian Montillon

When Dr. Laurence Savoire awakes on November 5, 1346 NGE, he is blind. A cause for it cannot be found, so healing is not possible. Though Savoire mentally suffers very much from his state and goes for help from the Cosmopsychologist Fria Awaiting, he continues to carry out his duties as ESCHERíS First Cybernetist. Nobody anticipates that the Parapositronic holds the guilt for his state; its avatars have given Savoire a drug that caused him to go blind for the time being. The Parapositronic pursues a plan with it by which it wants to carry out the next step of the grand plan. Due to his loss of sight Savoire is "susceptible" to an offer, which Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr present to him. ESCHER has kept a place free in the Hyperdim matrix, for Savoire to become last of the Processors. To make this offer attractive to him, ESCHER permits Savoire a "trip" to the inside of the matrix. His consciousness is moved into the Parapositronic and becomes intoxicated with the impressions, which it gains there. With it ESCHER has reached his first goal: The only person who could deactivate the Parapositronic is moved out of the way.

A meeting with the SOL in the Ackut system is not possible, because the system has already been made into a chaotic cell. The RICHARD BURTON goes into waiting position beyond the cell. Atlan takes the risk of sending out an undirected radio message. Ronald Tekener Promptly responds, so that it comes on the fourteenth of November to the first meeting of the two giant ships. Of course Traitanks immediately appear, so that the ships must flee. A new meeting place is agreed upon, and on the nineteenth of November the two immortals greet each other on the planet Khargard. The SOL and the RICHARD BURTON park side by side, and for safety reasons energy emissions must be avoided, but it appears that the ships have been pursued by a Dark Investigator anyway. Now ESCHER initiates the next step. He tries to take over control of SENECA, seals of certain portions of the RICHARD BURTON and begins the preparations to transport itself onto the SOL. Atlan reacts immediately. He orders all data cables between the ships cut and orders the Haluter Domo Sokrat to if necessary destroy all ESCHERS transport machines.

Now, finally, ESCHER announces his true plan using its avatar Pal Astuin. Supposedly it was the plan all along from the outset to just use the RICAHRD BURTON to transport ESCHER to Hangay and moving to the SOL when it was found. The barbell ship is the only suitable vehicle with which ESCHER can succeed in perforating the Hangay border barriers. ESCHER and the Nucleus assume the fact that Perry Rhodan will soon try to become active militarily in Hangay. ESCHERíS only purpose for existence consists supposedly in allowing Rhodan the access way to Hangay. Atlan, who is not enthusiastic with the thought of having been nothing but a glorified taxi driver for ESCHER, cannot be impressed by these announcements. He now, on his part, puts ESCHER under pressure and states that he will activate the energy screens to attract the Traitanks flying in the system, if necessary. ESCHER cannot risk being destroyed in an attack by TRAITOR, and gives in. SENECA remains uninfluenced, Savoire gets back his ocular light and the RICHARD BURTON remains fit to continue flying. Indeed, now Savoireís relation to the Parapositronic is more than just cracked, although the temptation to return into the Hyperdim matrix is very great.

Both ships now launch, in order to make their way to the Win Alpha base...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-03-10

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