2442 - Stützpunkt im Chaos
Base in the Chaos
Arndt Ellmer

The RICHARD BURTON and its escort ships establish a base in the Winola system, on whose third planet is a contact forest. Atlan then goes with the RICHARD BURTON into the Shiva Bazal space sector, because ESCHER has determined that an important event is about to take place there. Trim Marath confirms this, because his Cosmo-tracking ability gives him the impression that the sector is” ill “. On their way during October 27, 1346 NGE the cuckoo’s egg fed by Ronald Tekener into the Column radio is received. Since one of the three hundred questions does not result in a sensible answer, the message cannot be immediately decoded.

Arriving near the Shiva Bazal sector, a group of scientists is sent out with a small space capsule. The team has an improved Kantor sextant and hopes to be able to collect important measurements in the area. Nobody counted on what happens in the target area: A dozen Chaos squadrons appear, as well as one Column MACHINE and one hundred Column Forts. The latter are connected into a long construct in the form of a double helix. On the RICHARD BURTON they observe the procedures with concern. When several proto-chaotic cells are shifted into the target area, TRAITOR’S troops gradually leave the area. An Entropic cyclone approaches a little later.

Atlan heads out alone with a space jet, in order to evacuate the research team. This does not succeed before the arrival of the cyclone. This time different, less dangerous affects are observed with the Entropic cyclone. It clearly ejects the Biophore previously collected by it. After this, it takes back up its familiar operation as it leaves the sector. The sloop only scarcely succeeds in its return flight to the RICHARD BURTON.

It soon becomes clear what TRAITOR intended with all these actions: The proto-chaotic cells unite into a chaotic cell. The RICHARD BURTON must flee before the accompanying hyperspace quakes and psionic shock wave. Then the Vibra-psi begins.

At the same time, the last question of the” cuckoo egg “is corrected. The final decode message tells them that Tekener is waiting in the Ackut system...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-03-04

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