2441 - Die letzten vierzig
The Final Forty
Leo Lukas

Ronald Tekener cannot get rid of the gnawing feeling to have overlooked something during the liberation of the SOL. While the barbell ship flees before the Traitanks that the SIRC has sent after it, the Solaner comes to the realization that Kirmizz has certainly not freed the SOL from pure philanthropy. He wanted to first disgrace the Progress Keeper, but then also remove the threat however small it might be that a free SOL would represent. It is to be owed to earlier observations of the Mom'Serimers that the bomb is found which Kirmizz has left behind: the former Kalbaron in charge of the ship which Kirmizz affected with his mental power has manipulated the Supratron generators. Tekener has the three generators dismantled and pushed out into space. Some time later they do in fact explode and these explosions would have destroyed the SOL if they had still been on board. Now, certainly, the SOL is no longer able to produce a Fractal rip sheath, but it is still totally free. This fact is celebrated with the biggest party the ship has ever had.

Now the ship needs to make contact with the Terran spherical spaceship that had been sighted some time ago. The Solaners cannot risk sending out an undirected radio call. Therefore, it is decided that an encoded message should be fed into the communication network of the Terminal Column. The Terran spaceship is to be notified of a meeting place in the Ackut system, because they assume the fact that the Terrans will be monitoring the Column radio. But who should take on this task? The SOL cannot show up anywhere anymore, because it is being looked out for by every Column ship in Hangay. The Solaners also know that painstaking descriptions of the Terrans and other crew members are being circulated by the Column. They may not let themselves be seen anywhere. Therefore the Mom'Serimers are used once again.

Forty of them are camouflaged with full body masks as Attavennoks. With a ship they found floating in space, they fly into the Cricker system where the megalomaniacal Gganschkare Commander Lyngiffer Xath has ordered up the Elysischen Games, a kind of Olympic games in which all the races of the space sector controlled by him are to participate. However, his real purpose for this is to gather suitable test specimens for the Genprox Analysts at a single spot. The Mom'Serimers portray themselves as the last survivors of genetically changed Attavennoks from the Drillock system, which has been depopulated by an Entropic cyclone, and announce themselves as participants for the games. Certainly, the natives see through the masquerade, however, do not betray the Mom'Serimers, because the Noquaa-Kansahariyya is preparing a blow against TRAITOR here. Certainly, this has only symbolic value, but it will make it possible for the Mom'Serimers to send out the encoded message. Therefore, they cooperate with the rebels.

During the opening ceremony of the games the Genprox Analysts begin to look for Emanations among the participants. A tissue sample is also taken from Trest Harkanvolter. While the other Mom'Serimers carry out the mission, Trest seizes a captured dark screen and destroys the Genprox-Explorer to which his tissue sample was brought. Xaths troops promptly attack in return. To make possible the flight for his companions through a transmitter they had brought along, Trest faces off alone against the aggressors and sacrifices his life doing so. The rest of the team makes it back to the SOL, but whole mission might have been in vain because when the broadcast is radiated, Tekener recognizes that one piece of the coding has been modified, so that the coding is no longer valid...

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-02-22

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