2440 - Armee der Schatten
Army of the Shadows
Leo Lukas

Kirmizz leaves the SOL on September 2, 1346 NGE to proceed to the building site of the Chaotender VULTAPHER. The SOL remains in the hands of TRAITOR. Hundreds of Column Motivators keep the most important among the crew under control, which is no longer made pliant any more by Kirmizz' ability of the Mental-Dislocation. A garrison of one thousand five hundred Mor'Daer soldiers and three hundred Ganschkares under the leadership of the female Kalbaron Silathe looks after the rest. The SOL is ordered to the Service Castle SIRC where it - so much is certain for Ronald Tekener - with high likelihood will be scrapped. The future of its crew looks just as gloomy. The flight to the Service Castle will last twenty-two days. So much time remains to Ronald Tekener to recapture the SOL. The Solaners do not anticipate the fact that he has been making suitable preparations for months already. They believe that Tekener has given up himself and the SOL. The Smiler suffers from the disdain, which they bring him for this. Not to endanger his plans, he may betray to nobody anything about the shadow army, which is preparing for the coup: With cleverly laid out tracks Tekener has managed to train the Mom'Serimers.

About eight thousand of the frantic journeymen have begun to organize under Tekeners instructions into an army. Everywhere in Debris City there are training centers, war devices are manufactured, and Mom'Serimer troops check out the members of the occupying forces. Tekener is supported by Steph La Nievand and Benjameen da Jacinta. The former looks after the education of the Mom'Serimers, and the latter uses his ability of Null dreaming to transmit confidential messages. Thus Tekener and the Mom'Serimers can prepare for the implementation of the most important component of their plans: SENECA must become partitioned off, so that he can be taken away from the control of the four computer brains that TRAITOR installed on the SOL to control SENECA. Silathe anticipates nothing all this, but suddenly becomes a key figure in the struggle for the freedom of the Solaners. Kirmizz has left behind one of his consciousness splinters on the SOL, hidden in an artistic wooden casket, which Silathe is supposed to hand to the Progress Keeper residing in SIRC as a present from the VULTAPHER pilot. Kirmizz has rightly calculated on the fact that Silathe cannot resist the curiosity. She opens the small box and is taken over by the consciousness splinter.

Silathe, controlled now by Kirmizz, contacts Tekener on September twenty-fourth, one day before the arrival at SIRC and the planned coup. Kirmizz promises Tekener to help him in the conquest of the SOL, but this must happen within sight of SIRC. In this manner he wants to take revenge on Terkan von Voosar for the humiliations he had suffered. He hopes that the Progress Keeper might even fall from favor with KOLTOROC by this disgrace. Tek agrees, because with Silathe’s help it would be possible to minimize his own losses to be expected. On the subsequent day SOL reaches the vicinity of the Service Castle. Silathe destroys the mobile computer brains and gives pointless orders to her soldiers. They become completely thrown off balance by this, as well as the Mom'Serimers attacking them from out of nowhere, supported by SENECA. The Column Motivators are also defeated, which is to be owed to the Mom'Serimer Trest Harkanvolter. The young would-be hero bumps by chance into the Column Motivator which co-ordinates his comrades, and destroys him with a disintegrator.

The now rescued SOL flees with maximum speed before the masses of Traitanks, which are stationed at SIRC and go after the barbell ship immediately. The armament arranged by Kirmizz with column technology comes to the aid of the SOL. The joy of the Solaners is great of course, but Tekener is tormented by the thought to have overlooked something…

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-02-11

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