244 - Die Kugel aus Zeit und Raum
The Sphere From Time And Space
Clark Darlton


The way to Androbeta is free again. Rhodan returns to Troja, still drifting in the micro-nebula, in order to find another planet where a new base could be built. The Terrans then realize that all the Two-Noses are fleeing from Androbeta, abandoning their bases and their planets. Rhodan decides to settle in Androbeta anyway and picks Gleam as their main base. This decision causes IT to appear, and He informs Rhodan that this capital decision will take him to Andromeda and will later lead to the destruction of a "great race". On Gleam, the Terrans find Harno, their old spheric friend, who assists them in chasing psychic creatures causing them difficulties.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

After two weeks of atomic fire, the moon Siren explodes on October 4, 2402. As a result, the Mobys begin drifting without purpose and destroy most Twonosers (Two-Noses) living in Andro-Beta. The Twonoser fleet flees from the nebula.

Perry Rhodan caries out a reconnaissance flight toward the asteroid Troy with the tadpole KC-38. When he arrives on October 6, he meets the ANDROTEST III (PROMETHEUS III), which arrived there seven days earlier and now leaves with new information for the Lost System.

On the way to the planet Gleam, which Rhodan has since chosen as a new base, the Terrans make contact with the immortal of Wanderer, which makes several important announcements for their future. On Gleam Pucky meets Harno. Harno warns Pucky of an attack by Sirenís guards, who survived the destruction of their moon. With the help of Harno the Terrans defeat the artificial creatures. The KHREST II finally lands on Gleam.

Michael P. Mahoney

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