2436 - Die Teletrans-Weiche
The Teletrans-Points
Uwe Anton

Dr. Baldwin Carapol wants to pay his first visit to a station which serves for the further examination of the body of ARCHETIM in the sun Sol. In connection with this, ticklish feelings overcome him aboard the DAEDALUS III with the thought that Myles Kantor was killed during a mission in the sun.

Suddenly hyperphysical phenomena appear, and it comes to microstructure vibrations in the space time continuum. After it is found out that no direct danger for the ship exists, they approach the source of the phenomenon and note that large amounts of energy are being drawn off from the sun and disappear in a point near Saturn orbit.

Meanwhile, Reginald Bull is holding a public appearance as a Globist together with Fran Imith. A short time after their return from it, the news reaches him that something unusual was measured close to Saturn orbit. Ships are ordered immediately to the area, among them the PRAETORIA. Bully proceeds by transmitter to the PRAETORIA and gives orders to send for Marc London and Dr. Baldwin Carapol.

On the spot it is found out that there is a hyperperforation of space which grows and eventually stabilizes at one hundred eighty kilometers of diameter. Slight Strangeness effects are also measured, as well as the radiation of a sun with which it is Sol. Bull hopes that Seven Mighties from another universe, who had promised to support mankind in the battle against TRAITOR, are returning with the promised. Or it is thought that it might be a new attempt by TRAITOR to bypass the crystal screen.

Both theories turn out to be wrong when a short time later a silver ball leaves the hyperperforation and Lotho Keraete, the messenger of ES announces himself from inside it. He comes aboard to speak to Bull and submits the offer of ES to evacuate as many people as possible from the Sol system to a distant and safe place.

Bull is disappointed, because he had hoped rather for direct help in the battle against TRAITOR, and not an evacuation by ES. The people would be brought through the hyperperforation which is called a Teletrans-point to the distant location of the superintelligence in the Stardust system. As a side effect of the transportation a large percentage of the hypercrystals in the ships will be destroyed. However, enough beds of hypercrystal exist in the Stardust system to balance out the loss quickly again. This is a one time offer and open for a period of eighty-eight days. Then ES will shut the Teletrans point forever. Therefore there will be no more possibility for a return to Terra through it.

Because they do not want to trust the superintelligence blindly, Bull starts a mission for the examination of the Stardust system with SCARAB scout ships, because these are less affected than all other available spaceships by the failure of hypercrystals. Bull participates himself in this expedition, and comes up with a way to be able to quickly compensate for the loss of the ninety-five percent of the hypercrystals with the passage.

During the passage Bull receives contact with ES. The superintelligence shows him two visions: the first is of the happy new beginning in the Stardust system, while the second one shows the destruction of the Sol system when TRAITOR mobilizes a massive number of units and collapses the crystal screen, then destroys all the planets.

When he awakens, the investigation starts in the Stardust system, and they end up visiting a place which Bull has seen in his first vision. At the same time, a SCARAB is sent back to report to Earth.

Jerry Schneiderman 2009-01-10

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