2435 - Die Nega-Cypron
The Nega-Cyprons
Michael Marcus Thurner

The JULES VERNE under the command of Mondra Diamond wanders through the Proto-Negasphere and can only barely escape from destruction by Traitanks several times. Only Alaska Saedelaere can settle the situation with the application of the Vector Helmet and recalibration of the hyperphysically working devices of the barbell ship to make it flightworthy again. He brings the JULES VERNE to a star in whose detection shadow spaceships of the Cypron are hiding. After hesitant establishment of contact the Cyprons trust the Galactics and bring the JULES VERNE to their central world Tarquina.

In the meanwhile the Exponent Randa Eiss who applies for the office of Ultimate Exponent is there. Together with Perry Rhodan, Ekatus Atimoss and Hobogey he goes to the continent Baybark, the homeland of the Nega-Cyprons to gain their support for his candidacy. His competitor Deco Forlane also does this.

While the two rivals recite their resumes to the leaders of the Nega-Cyprons, Perry Rhodan and his companions search for contact with "normal" Nega-Cyprons, to try airing the veil of secrets around these offshoots of the people of the Cypron. They end up in the graveyard of the Nega-Cyprons, a field of stone obelisks which throw no shadows. A woman gives the information Perry Rhodan is looking for about this. Eight hundred years ago the first Nega-Cyprons joined with a bodiless being, bringing forth the first Cynos which already dispose of strong Psi-forces and master the gift of form transformation.

When the Nega-Cypron leaders choose to side with Randa Eiss, his rival Deco Forlane does not want to accept this and attempts to murder the leader of the Nega-Cyprons with the help of the Isolationists followers. However, this fails because of the superior Psi-forces of the Nega-Cyprons. Randa Eiss executes his adversary.

After his election to Ultimate Councilor, Randa Eiss has access to the state secrets of his people. The Vibra-Psi is causing the population of the Cyprons shrink constantly and they are standing before extinction (with the exception of the Nega-Cyprons, whose number constantly grows). The mysterious ally of the Cyprons is none other than ARCHETIM, for whom the Cyprons map the Proto-Negasphere. Ki-Myo, an Aeganer from the same race as General Kamuko, functions as ARCHETIMíS envoy. Tare Scharm is already forty-five percent filled with chaotic cells and networks and stands shortly before the point at which the final transformation to the Negasphere will be irreversible.

With the arrival of the JULES VERNE on Tarquina Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond are reunited.

Cedric Beust 2009-01-05

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