2434 - Die Halbraumwelt
The Semi-space World
Michael Marcus Thurner

The JULES VERNE gets lost in the chaos of the Proto-Negasphäre. The course instructions from the guard pillars do not help it, because its current position is completely unknown. Therefore the rendezvous appointment for the meeting with Kamuko’s mission fleet passes by - the Terrans cannot leave Tare Scharm with her any more.

On December 24, 1346 NGE, JUELS VERNE time, Perry Rhodan reaches the diving world Tarquina. The planet surrounded by artificial suns is hidden in a semi-space bubble which is mobile and therefore offers maximum security before TRAITOR. Perry Rhodan, Hobogey and even Ekatus Atimoss are considered friends. The dual being can freely look around on Tarquina and is led by the young Cypron scientist Aina Sio about the underwater world of the planet. Rhodan and Randa Eiss find out meanwhile that not all is at peace with the Cyprons. A group of Isolationists under the Councilor Deco Forlane is against the participation of the Cyprons in the fighting against TRAITOR. They are calling for a retreat from Tare Scharm, ignoring the fact that the Vibra-Psi to which their people have fallen victim, is still effective in the semi-space bubble. The Ultimate Councilor Pan Iana - the most important antagonist of the Isolationists, and because of her power, possibly the last hope of their people - has been murdered. It is clear to Randa Eiss that the Isolationists are behind it.

Perry Rhodan’s search to be brought together with the armed forces of ARCHETIM is delayed for up to two weeks for the election of a new Ultimate Councilor. The Terran tries to convince Randa Eiss to run for this office. He wants to prevent Deco Forlane from becoming the new head leader of the Cyprons. Meanwhile Ekatus Atimoss accidentally learns about the existence of the radio beacon which was implanted in him. He operates on himself to remove the tiny broadcasting station and then, full of fury, begins to produce new Parapolarisators. He does not anticipate that Deco Forlane is already beginning to frame him as part of his plans for a putsch. Forlane uses a meeting of the Council, to try making it appear that Ekatus Atimoss is responsible for a bloodbath of the old councilors. Rhodan should also be killed in the attack. However, with the help of his Parapolarisators Ekatus Atimoss is able to bring Rhodan to security and bring the assassins to take flight. Rhodan must admit that he knew about the existence of the radio beacon, and that he owes the dual being for saving him. Nevertheless, Ekatus Atimoss has now shown which side he had decided upon.

Cedric Beust 2008-12-20

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