2433 - Der Zorn des Duals
The Dual’s Fury
Wim Vandemaan

On December 10, 1346 NGE according to the calendar of the JULES VERNE Perry Rhodan has captured Ekatus Atimoss. The dual being is brought on the SHARKUVA, the flagship of the Cypron Randa Eiss, and examined there. Rhodan, who immediately takes a liking to the Cypron and is accepted by them as an ally, gets to know more about this race. Under the influence of the Vibra-Psi practically all the Cyprons have become mutants and developed various Para-gifts. Thus the Sphärikers serve as pilots for navigation in the Negasphere, and several Cyprons with anti-mutant abilities prevent Ekatus Atimoss from creating Parapolarisators with which he could escape. The Cyprons are an amphibious life form and have taken on the job for a mighty ally, whose names they do not mention to Rhodan, of mapping Tare Scharm anew. According to their information the Vibra-Psi is a function of the Psionic Net, which has been manipulated by the Chaotarcs in the area of Tare Scharm and has been separated from the remainder of the Net. The Sphärikers are able to sense this net and thereby counteract the inconsistencies of reading it.

The Cypron have a way of possibly making the Claw of the Laboraten ineffective. They apply this so-called Atrentus procedure to Ekatus Atimoss, while the spaceship association led by the SHARKUVA flies to the so–called Lagoon Moon, which must be stopped at if one wants to reach Tarquina, the central world of the Cyprons. It is only there that the SAHRKUVA can get the final coordinates of Tarquina, which is now a wandering planet. Ekatus Atimoss receives an injection, which includes a nano-technologically changed cell culture from his own body tissue. This cell culture begins immediately to encase the Claw of the Laboraten, in order to prevent its influencing the dual being anymore – it would be impossible to remove the claw or to kill it, because Ekatus Atimoss would also die. The process will either work or kill the Dual. Moreover, an explosive radio beacon is inserted in the Dual without his knowledge. The process of encapsulation lasts several days, during which Ekatus Atimoss remembers an episode from his past:

At that time he had reached a Vector planet, a legendary world that was once a component of an immense transport system. At one time many of these worlds had been pulled from their multidimensional space and embedded in one single dimension. Over this route world one had been able to reach any point of the Multiversums in zero time, but it had disintegrated after some unknown disaster into several sections – the Vector planets. On this world Ekatus Atimoss reached a sort of mushroom-shaped tower, which was possibly a component of this transport system. The dual being only succeeded in leaving the planet again after a strange and mentally straining trip filled with peculiar events.

Finally, the Atrentus process is concluded and the Dual survives it. Rhodan offers the Chaos servant a chance to change sides, but if he thought that the freedom of choice won anew would automatically make Ekatus Atimoss an ally, he was wrong. After an involuntary orientation stop on December fourteenth with which the SHARKUVA must eavesdrop on instructions from a TRAITOR Space Time Router, they finally reach the Lagoon Moon. Here the Cyprons will receive instructions from a “Sleeper” for reaching the current location of Tarquinas – for safety reasons this world never remains long at any one place. Here Ekatus Atimoss ignites the first of two Parapolarisators, which he could produce, after he believes that he has succeeded, in lulling his guards into a false sense of security. He flees from the ship. In actuality, Randa Eiss wanted to allow him to escape. The Cypron hopes that Ekatus Atimoss will experience a change of his senses and decide to change sides. Otherwise the dual being will have to be killed.

As Ekatus Atimoss finds himself lured by the call of the ocean, he suddenly finds that he is absolutely painless – a state which he has not known since he awoke a Dual. He recognizes that it is, actually, a water being and needs this element to have no pains. Moreover, it becomes clear to him that TRAITOR must have known this, and that all the promises that have been made to him by it were only lies. TRAITOR wanted to have him as a pain filled being full of hatred to thereby make him a more effective tool. This knowledge makes Ekatus Atimoss position itself by his free will on the side of the Cosmocrat helpers, because he needs their help to take revenge on TRAITOR. After he has shed his skin, he returns to the SHARKUVA full of vitality and energy.

On the 22nd of December the SHARKUVA launches again to fly to the “Diving world” Tarquina, which should be reached in two days...

Jerry Schneiderman 2008-12-09

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