2432 - Proto-Negasphäre
Hubert Haensel

While the crew of the JULES VERNE still looks for Perry Rhodan, General Kamuko returns to the INTAZO in failure. Seven thousand ships were destroyed, with many more badly damaged and innumerable dead. It was devastating that the emergence of the chaotic network could not be prevented. Mondra Diamond immediately gives the instruction to move towards the TAROSHI, Kamuko’s flagship, in order to face off against the Prinzipa. Mondra gathers some shipwrecked members from damaged ships with the GORATSCHIN and gains entry to the TAROSHI with no problem. There Gucky teleports with her without great trouble to Kamuko’s quarters. She tells the Prinzipa about what she thinks happened to Rhodan, but Kamuko tells her that she is sure Rhodan has not left the INTANZO and she has more important things to worry about with the current defeat. Mondra must accept this for now, but then the General reports of a psi-storm, which hit the TAROSHI, when the ship had reached the Proto-Negasphere, which had set off a rescue capsule from the TAROSHI - for Diamond, a clear indication that Glinvaran and Ekatus Atimoss did in fact kidnap Perry Rhodan and left the INTAZO with the TAROSHI. The General however is not convinced, but the Terran did succeed in sowing a grain of doubt. Diamond demands that the JULES VERNE be allowed to go through the GATE, which Kamuko rejects.

A little later discovered the rubble of a small space jet is found near IN-5. The analyses by the JULES VERNE show that not Rhodan, but a Schohaake had been on board, when the ship was completely destroyed. Thus the indications are piling up ever more that Rhodan and the two TRAITOR opponents really have left the INTAZO. Kamuko can no longer deny the possibility and gives order to close the exit to Eledain Cishon.

After the General receives new instructions from the ARCHETIM messenger AI-Myo, she immediately calls Diamond and Gucky to herself. She states to the two that the superintelligence had arranged three further attacks on the Proto Negasphere in the near future. The first goal is the newly developed network at Bi-Xotoring. She will allow the JULES VERNE to penetrate into Tare Scharm with her attack fleet. She may not pass on further details for security reasons. However she openly leaves a data crystal lying on her desk, which Guky quickly telekinetically steals. As a method of returning to the INTANZO, Kamuko offers the Galactics the position of a gathering point a thousand light-years from Bi-Xotoring for the third attack target. The only way the General can see herself handing over the exact coordinates of this point of attack to the JULES VERNE is to install guard columns in the ship. For lack of other options Mondra Diamond accepts this condition.

During the return to the JULES VERNE Gucky informs Mondra of his theft. At first Mondra is frightened, but after Kamuko still does not make contact hours later because of the loss and the scientists of the Galactics succeed in decoding the crystal and finding a current map of Tare Scharm in the data, it becomes clear that Kamuko wanted to pass on this data to them “under the table”, and counted on Gucky’s natural curiosity to make him steal it.

According to the data Tare Scharm is forty-five percent converted into a Negasphere, already pulled through by chaotic cells and networks.

After the Bakosh'wish set up three guard columns in the JULES VERNE, along with a self-destruct mechanism, which watches over the integrity of the crew, the ship makes its way into the GATE along with one hundred twenty thousand ships. As the crew learned, the two LAW Givers CHEOS AKIS and CHEOS DEGU would generate an exit in the Bi-Xotoring-system. There it is intended that the two giant stations would start a renewed attack on the chaotic network that had developed, while Kamuko’s task assigned to the fleet is to protect the two stations against attacks by Traitanks.

Already briefly after CHEOS AKIS and CHEOS DEGU begin to degenerate the chaotic network, the first Traitanks arrive, and it comes to the battle. The JULES VERNE, which remains to observe the LAW Givers at work, is pulled into the engagements. Ever more TRAITOR units show up, but when the message of an arriving Entropic cyclone comes, ARCHETIM’S ships must go on the retreat. In a last message Kamuko makes it clear that there is no means of surviving an Entropic cyclone, except flight.

With this information the JULES VERNE tries to leave the scene, but encounters difficulties with Temporal time streams and Traitanks. They do not manage to get back into the GATE…

Cedric Beust 2008-11-24

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