2431 - Attacke der Cypron
Attack of the Cypron
Horst Hoffmann

Perry Rhodan asks Hobogey to bring him to his ship, the HUNTER, which the Sarti inherited from Dirvan Molavi, an agent of ARCHETIMíS. There the two companions would be safer than in the mutated wilderness of Ata Thagenos, which is out of control. Rhodan assumes the fact that the hyperphysical disturbances which currently prevent hyperradio and space travel will quickly fade away after the union of the chaotic cells Bernabas and Bi-Xotoring. On the way Rhodan is almost devoured by the Element of Darkness, which has returned to take the Greskens. Finally, in spite of several Terminal quakes and the pursuit by ten powerful Analyst-protection tanks the companions reach the small disc ship. Hobogey can soon actually prepare the launch, but then he catches a Column radio message: Glinvaran has requested support. Nine Traitanks actually appear shortly afterwards to which all the information collected about Camp INTAZO by Ekatus Atimoss and the Terminal Herald are transmitted.

Before the Traitanks can pick up the dual being and the Herald, they are attacked by twelve suddenly appearing ships. Hobogey recognizes the tri-part ships which resemble maple leaves from the top view, battleships of the Cyprons. The Cyprons are the strongest adversaries of TRAITOR in Tare Scharm, and their ships are superior to the Traitanks. Marveling, Rhodan watches how all the Traitanks are destroyed and the Cyprons lose only a single smaller unit. ARCHETIMíS secrets remain protected. While the Cyprons also destroy the base station of the Genprox Analysts, Rhodan and Hobogey make contact with the Cypron commander Randa Eiss. He at first presents himself as reserved, but becomes much more accessible when Hobogey states that Rhodan is an aura bearer. The Cypron satisfies himself of it personally. The humanoid being awards Rhodan the status of an envoy of the forces of Order.

The Analyst-protection tanks attack. Randa Eiss thinks it is an act of desperation by the Chaos servants, but it is actually a diversionary maneuver. Glinvaran sacrifices himself to make it possible for Ekatus Atimoss to proceed in secret to the rescue capsule with which he reached the planet. There the dual being wants to wait, until the Cyprons have departed. The Cypron ships do soon leave the system, but Rhodan has seen through the trick and already awaits the dual being at the capsule. Now the Terran has the opportunity to kill Ekatus Atimoss, but he only paralyzes him and brings him with the HUNTER to the SHARKUVA, the flagship of Randa Eiss. Hobogey also practices the renouncing of violence. He has recognized that at least two Roganers - once the dominant species of Ata Thageno - have changed under the influence of the Vibra-Psi, and like the Greskens, have become Emanations. Although it is clear to him that TRAITOR might force these beings into its services, he does not kill them. However, he also does not anticipate that he carries seeds of these beings on the outside covering of his worm robot.

Cedric Beust 2008-11-15

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