2430 - Der Genprox-Explorer
The Genprox-Explorer
Arndt Ellmer

Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran reach the base station of the Genprox Analysts, but are stuck there. Because of the approaching union of two chaotic cells into a chaotic network no spaceship can leave the planet, and use of the hyperradio is not possible. Genprox Analysts submit photos to them on which Perry Rhodan and Hobogey are to be seen. IROTHAK’S sloops are sent out on the hunt for them.

Ish Conart survives the attack of the mutated fauna of Ata Thageno. The beak of the bird that has attacked him seals the hole in his protective clothing, so that he can be saved. He continues to search for the reasons for the hostility which some (but not all) the Genprox Analysts of the Thalongron garrison show towards him. He is distracted by two joyful pieces of news: his offspring have hatched, and as was expected his clutch is one of the " highest hope class “. Conart’s children will belong to the elite of their people. Conart also discovers that the Gresken - two meter long armored reptiles – have become the searched for Emanations under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. They have developed a Para-gift and can teleport over short distances, dissolving their bodies into a black cloud. However, the evolutionary process is not completed yet, but proceeding at unusually rapid speed. The Greskens long ago stopped being animals, they are at least semi-intelligent. Conart supposes that the Element of Darkness, which was also active on Ata Thageno, is involved in this phenomenon.

The Genprox Analysts begin to " educate" the Greskens for the purposes of TRAITOR and they use the dependence of the Greskens to the Vibra-Psi for it. With the Vibra-Psi amplifiers of their vehicles the Greskens are either rewarded by a raised supply of Vibra-Psi, or punished by its denial. Then, at last, Conart succeeds in capturing the conspirators. He finds out that they all belong to the same clutch of a certain Ak Lithra, and that they suffer from a disease which sometimes occurs to the Genprox Analysts because of their constant contact with the Vibra-Psi: the descendants of Ak Lithras are addicted to the Vibra-Psi. Conart has no choice than to order the arrest of members of the Ak Lithra slip as well as their descendants in order to execute them, and exactly this was the reason, why he was to be assassinated.

Meanwhile Perry Rhodan and Hobogey are indecisive about how they should proceed because the base station of the Genprox Analysts is too large for Hobogey’s weaponry. To win more information, they follow some Genprox-Explorers into an area, which seems to be particularly interesting for the Analysts. There they meet Greskens, which behave strangely. Rhodan recognizes that these beings have become Emanations. One of the reptiles leads the Terran to a hiding place in which Sharband hides - he is the leader of all the Greskens and possesses strong telepathic forces. He can communicate with Rhodan and informs him that he knows everything about the intentions of the Genprox Analysts and feels Rhodan’s Knight aura. He considers Rhodan as a friend because he wanted to warn the Greskens about the Analysts. Rhodan finds out from Sharband that the Greskens were affected by the Element of Darkness, and that the Element will soon return to take the Greskens with itself. Until it is time, Rhodan and Hobogey stand under Sharband’s protection.

Cedric Beust 2008-11-09

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