243 - Raumaufklärer 008
Space Scouts 008
Kurt Mahr


2402. Rhodan decides to destroy Siren, which is now guarded by a fleet of Two-Noses. The Terrans capture a Two-Noses vessel and can safely approach Siren. Thanks to the teleporters, Siren is destroyed with its emitter. The Mobies stop living throughout the nebula.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

In order to approach the Triad system discreetly, a commando team led by Colonel Melbar Kasom seizes a Twonoser (Two-Nose) vessel in mid September 2402. Gleam's moon, Siren, is now surrounded by three hundred thousand vessels of the Twonosers and three Mobys. When Kasom brings the captured Twonoser vessel toward Siren, a Twonoser commando team sneaks aboard and seizes the space jet 008 (CS-08) located in the Twonoser vessel's hanger. The monstrous Unklaich from the moon Yakkath (Siren) hypnotizes the space jet’s crew and, after successfully bringing the space jet and its crew back to the Twonoser flagship, brings them to hate Kasom and his men. He allows the captured space jet 008 crew to return to the captured Twonoser vessel so that they may surprise and more effectively attack Kasom and his men. Lieutenant Bob Overbeck frees himself from the hypnosis just in time and kills Unklaich.

The CS-08 attacks the Twonoser flagship and is destroyed, the Twonosers (Two-Noses) always believing Unklaich still influenced the CS-08's crew. The identity of the Terrans remains a secret.

Arkon Bombs placed on Siren by the mutants explode. The Terrans abandon the captured Twonoser vessel and return to their fleet.

Michael P. Mahoney

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