2429 - Das Terminale Beben
The Terminal Quake
Arndt Ellmer

The Genprox Analysts are a people of very small sized Methane breathers with four arms and a sickle shaped head in which four eyes sit. With their Genprox-Explorers, which contain Genprox-Jets for sloops they explore the Vibra-Psi affected planets on which they are set down by Traitanks. Most of all, they look for the so-called Emanations. They use this designation for paranormal gifted beings which appear from the influence of the Vibra-Psi and are considered for positions as particularly capable servants of the Terminal Column within a Negasphäre. The center of their culture is the base station IROTHAK. The garrisons, also called Genprox-Explorers, they form self-sufficient offshoots of this station. Ish Conart is a Genprox Analyst who is promoted to the new commander of the Thalongron garrison. When he begins to proceed against the lack of discipline ruling in Thalongron, he makes himself enemies. Conspirators care for the fact that his Genprox-Jet fails during the Terminal Quake in the middle of a dangerous area. A mutated bird damages Ish’s protective suit, so that he is exposed to the oxygen atmosphere of the planet, which is poisonous for him...

Meanwhile, when Perry Rhodan and Hobogey reach safety away from the Dual Ekatus Atimoss and Terminal Herald Glinvaran, they try to speak with each other. Ironically they must use TraiCom, the language used by their common enemy, because only the language of TRAITOR is known to both. Rhodan finds out not only Hobogey’s motives, but also is hiding itself inside the worm: it is not a real living being, but a high tech means of transport for an only eighty centimeter tall humanoid, which is physically merged with the biomechanical worm. Hobogey (or Hobo Gey) is the last person from the people of the Sarti. The rest were destroyed by the Vibra-Psi radiation. The Genprox Analysts simply sat back and watched the process of extinction occur, not intervening g in any way – all they cared about was the evaluation of the data about it. When it comes to a Terminal Quake, as a result of the directly approaching union of two chaotic cells, which will then form a chaotic network, Rhodan and Hobogey run into danger. The laws of space and time do not seem to be apply any more. When the quake finally fades away, the two allies reach the dome-shaped base station of the Genprox Analysts. For the moment, they cannot do anything about the fact that Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran arrive with an Antigrav-platform before the station…

Cedric Beust 2008-11-02

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