2428 - Hobogey der Rächer
Hobogey The Avenger
Horst Hoffmann

Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran get to the inside of the Negasphere of Tare Scharm aboard the TAROSHI unnoticed. The dual being truly wants to kill Perry Rhodan, whom he has captured, but the Terminal Herald does not allow him to. Rhodan is to be made a slave of the Column. The goal of both Chaos servants is to reach KOLTOROC and betraying everything about Camp INTAZO to him. The TAROSHI hardly crosses the CORRIDOR OF ORDER, as Ekatus Atimoss sets off some dozens of Parapolarisators at the same time, so that a Psi-storm appears which paralyzes the TAROSHI and makes it possible for the Chaos servants to escape with a rescue capsule. Inside the Negasphere Ekatus Atimoss gradually feels better. An influence which is called the Vibra-Psi and is spread throughout Tare Scharm alleviates his sufferings. Unfortunately the rescue capsule was also damaged by the Psi-storm, therefore it must make a forced landing on the planet Ata Thageno. Rhodan manages to flee, but ends up in mortal danger in the swampy jungle there. Ekatus Atimoss saves him at the last moment and brings him back to the capsule, where Rhodan is then securely bound.

On Ata Thageno there are still other forces at work: the Genprox Analysts, the genetic cartographers of the Terminal Column, are observing the erratic changes which occur as a result of the effect of the Vibra-Psi in the gene pool of the planetary biosphere here. It is not only that whole populations fall apart due to the mutations which the Vibra-Psi causes. New living beings also appear that need this influence to stay alive. The Genprox Analysts observe this genetic process and look for previously unknown Emanations. Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran want to reach the station of the Genprox Analysts, in order to use their radio facilities.

But then Hobogey appears, a four and half meter long worm like robot that fervently hates all the people of the Terminal Column – but most of all, the Genprox Analysts whom he holds responsible for the extinction of his people. Hobogey hunts down and kills these beings wherever he can find them, and has therefore come to Ata Thageno. When he sees the dual being and the Terminal Herald, he becomes enraged and attacks. He uses innumerable small robot insects that he accommodates inside his body. In Rhodan he recognizes a possible ally and he frees the Terran. Because he cannot overpower the Chaos servants, he flees into the jungle, carrying Rhodan...

Cedric Beust 2008-10-24

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