2427 - Hilfe für Ambriador
Help For Ambriador
Uwe Anton

The Peace Drivers Polm Ombar and the Module visit the Haluter-Terran base in Andromeda, while Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain make their way to Altera, after their OREON Capsule survives a massively raging hyperstorm in Ambriador. The Terminal Column TRAITOR has already been active for some time in both galaxies. Three nameless, uninhabited planets in Andromeda were already converted into cabinets for VULTAPHER (they theorize that there were legacies of the Hathor on them that could have been of interest for TRAITOR), while in Ambriador this destiny is directly approaching the main worlds of the star empires there.

The THEREME reaches Altera on July 17, 1346 NGE. The system is teeming with units of TRAITOR in all orders of magnitude, including six Column MACHINES and numerous Column Forts on the spot. Thirty-two Chaos Squadrons outgun the local Alteraner armed forces, which are still suffering under the aftereffects of the Posbi war. Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain free State Marshal Khong Wokong who is serving a sentence in the Firm Works prison and soon to be interrogated, because only he knows the secret location of Administrator Anton Ismael. Ismael is meeting the First Hetran Kat-Greer, who has also gone underground these days, in order to win him as an ally in the resistance against TRAITOR. The Lare is not interested in this suggestion, as he intends rather in closing a deal with the Terminal Column. But he does not anticipate that his plans have been thwarted: The Second Hetran Bran-Dor had the order to affect the Dual Captain Romukan by use of the Hyptons of the An'Gal'Dharan colony on Caligo (they are Sugggestors), but Romukan had turned out to be immune against the mental influencing and destroys the Hyptons.

On July nineteenth Kantiran delivers a greeting message from Reginald Bull to the Administrator and explains to him the whole scope of the threat by TRAITOR. He hands over structure burner torpedoes to the Alteraners, and makes it clear to the Administrator that these torpedoes must be fired from Alteraner ships - the Peace Drivers may not step visibly into action. The Posbis are no help, because the eighty-sun world is completely bolted by innumerable Traitanks. With the few, hardly powerful ships that are available to the Alteraners Ismael flies back to Altera, but the application of the torpedoes threatens to fail. Then TRAGTDORON appears and gives Ismael enough time to bring these weapons to their target, so that Altera cannot be made into cabinets for the time being. At a safe distance from the old system it comes to the contact with Nano Aluminium Gardener and Vhatom Q'Arabindon on board the TRAGTDORON. The Peace Drivers and the Alteraners learn that THERMIOC certainly wanted to appear appreciative, for the help given the superintelligence by Perry Rhodan, but does not want to intervene any more. The failed attempt to damage TRAITOR with BARDIOC’S Null was a lesson to the superintelligence. Besides, TRAGDTDORON is needed elsewhere. Nevertheless there is support being given in the background, across the multiverse.

Meanwhile Polm Ombar and the Module have taken up contact on Rakusa with a resistance organization of the races of Andromeda. They find out that the Dual Captain Romukan knows where VULTAPHER is to be built. Romukan is touring the galaxies of the local group as a Controller of the activities of the Column Geometricians. The Peace Drivers want to kidnap Romukan in order to get the information from him. Before that, however, the cabinetization of two planets must be prevented. The applications of the structure distiller-torpedoes on August seventeenth with Tefrod and on September fifth with Kepekin II are successful. Then Polm Ombar goes personally on October tenth to Thetus in the Sulvy system in order to capture Romukan, the dual being comprised of a Beast's descendant and a Ganschkare. He overpowers the Dual and his bodyguard on a visit in Mirona’s Tower on Thetus, dazes the Dual and brings him into the MODULE. This action is, nevertheless, a failure, because Romukan is killed by his Claw of the Laboraten, before he can say more than the mysterious words “ hundred times … “

Jerry Schneiderman 2008-10-15

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