2426 - Aufbruch der Friedensfahrer
Departure of the Peace Drivers
Uwe Anton

Help for the local group - and the search for the Foundering Mother

At the beginning of July 1346 NGC Kantiran has delivered the body of Dantyren to Terra. There he informs of Reginald Bull that the Peace Drivers will actively take part from now on in the battle against the Negasphere, as they want to supply the resource galaxies with Structure Burner-torpedos. In addition, five OREON transporters appear in the Solar system to receive 500 torpedos and 50 Kantor Sextants. The Peace Drivers module and Polm Ombar proceed to Andromeda, Cür Ye Gatta and Auludbirst to Pinwheel against which Kantiran and Cosmuel Cain resolve to depart for Ambriador and to the Altera Empire.

On the flight to Ambriador Cosmuel reminds her lover of the search for the Founding Mother to which Kantiran can remember, however, no longer. Cosmuel delivers the headword "Injata N´tuvage" to him and a mental barrier suddenly seems to free itself from Kantirans mind. Injata N´tuvage is a growing old Peace Driver, whom Kantiran visits in October 1345 NGC and wants to prove to him that the ominous Founding Mother of the Peace Drivers is not dead, but also even lives today on the chapel moon, Ospera. A contact with the Founding Mother could be really helpful, particularly as she must have known the Negasphere at that time of Lord of the Elements.

After Cosmuel Cain’s appointment the Peace Driver which takes place in the glass basilica on the otherwise taboo moon, Ospera, Kantiran leaves secretly by a transmitter through which he, Cosmuel Cain and Injata N´tuvage return to Ospera to come along on the search for the Founding Mother. During their 2-day search the Peace Drivers feel foolish, because, they did not themselves discover clear, apparently consciously laid traces of a humanoid being. Ancient Injata N´tuvage wants to die on Ospera, only Kantiran cannot anticipate, why he has chosen him exactly as a companion.

After a climbing trip from which of the ancient Peace Driver stays behind, Kantiran and Cosmuel find the old person dead on a hill which the deathly sick person could never have reached alone. Near this place Kantiran and Cosmuel discover a residential cave, but no proof of the presence of the Founding Mother who does not really want to be found apparently. Why the Founding Mother has taken from Kantiran the recollection of these events, and why by the naming of the key word by Cosmuel causes the recollections of these events to return, remains for the time being unclear. Kantiran supposes that the mental barrier should cause them to concentrate upon their real, more important task instead of staying with the search for the Founding Mother. Coming before Ambriador, The THEREME meets violent hyperstorms and the OREON capsule thereby gets out of control.

While the module and Polm Ombar have reached Andromeda, in Pinwheel Cür Ye Gatta and Auludbirst observe the kabinetisation of Hyrion, a world of the Maakar. Although no Structure Burner-torpedo was fired, the process of the kabinetisation is still brought to a standstill by ultrahigh frequency energy in the 5-dimensional and 6-dimensional spectrum. Apparently there exists even a farther group which likewise wants to disturb and prevent the efforts of the chaos troops. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the OREON capsule the Peace Drivers discover a "network" mainly integrated in hyperspace that turns out eventually like two networks linked with each other. One net consists of 49 spheres linked with each other. The windings of the connecting light spirals make this object reminiscent of a DNA helix. The second net consists of about 200 spheres of 120 meters of diameter which are connected through material strands with each other. To Cür ye Gatta this thing seems anyhow familiar. To Cür ye Gatta, it amazingly resembles a TRAGTDORON.

Cedric Beust 2008-02-16

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