2425 - Zwei gegen INTAZO
Two Against INTAZO
Michael Marcus Thurner

While Ekatus Atimoss and the Terminal Herald wait in vain for the Thermodyne Center sabotaged by them to blow up, destroying the INTAZO, the Dual being remembers his flight from the LAOMARK:

Ekatus Atimoss procures a substitute bearer robot and escapes with a Dark Capsule, but it was damaged. He must wait for rescue and then flies in the direction of Tare Scharm with the TAITOR investigation ship which picks him up. During this time he only barely escaped from falling into madness - since the loss of the Plot of Avalthani he has been exposed to the torture of the failed fusion of his two body halves without hope for alleviation. He distracts himself with the creation of Parapolarisators. Arriving at their destination, his death sentence is delivered to him by the Terminal Herald Glinvaran as a punishment for his failure: He is told to commit suicide. However, it does not come to this, because two Sekundims destroy the Herald’s ship and the investigators ship of the Dual. Ekatus Atimoss escapes death only with the help of the Parapol veil produced by him, and in this way he also saves the Herald. However, the Herald is not ready to lift the death sentence in thanks, because it had been pronounced by a Progress Keeper. Glinvaran spares the Dual only because he still needs him to be able to get to the INTAZO, which the two also manage in the protection of the Parapol veil.

Ekatus Atimoss suddenly feels better there - the energy of the Intazisch dust revitalizes him. Glinvaran develops a plan for the destruction INTAZO. The intention runs into danger when the Thermodyne Engineer Zetadhal Bron Apathen perceives the two saboteurs in spite of the Parapol veil. Ekatus Atimoss provokes a Psi-storm which kills the Ahomelech. Then Ekatus Atimoss observes the arrival of Perry Rhodan with the JULES VERNE. He wants to take revenge on him and sets some To s'amosa on him. Meanwhile, he has so become strong that he can oppose the suggestive influencing of the Herald more and more. He forces Glinvaran to help him in his plans. After the failed attempt to blow up the Thermodyne Center, Ekatus Atimoss fakes his own death - he uses his bearer robot to attack some Millraks and produces an explosion.

Perry Rhodan suspects that it was a trick, but still falls into a trap set by the Dual. When ARCHETIM orders the application of one hundred eighty thousand ships in Tare Scharm, Rhodan wants to speak to Kamuko to get permission to participate in this application. He is called to go see her, then discovers, however that he faces not the Aeganer, but the Terminal Herald and the Dual. Rhodan’s attempt to escape fails, and Ekatus Atimoss captures him. Certainly, the Terran takes part in the flight to Tare Scharm on the TAROSHI, but the JULES VERNE must stay behind – it is left to Mondra Diamond to make this decision. It is clear to her that something is wrong with Rhodan, but she may not dare the flight through the GATE, because the LAW Givers would blow away any unauthorized ship trying to go into hyperspace past them.

Cedric Beust 2008-09-26

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